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DON’T SLEEP: 14KT “14KillaTape” [BEAT TAPE]

by Staff on June 7, 2011

It’s finally here! 14KT’s legendary “14KillaTape” dropped today via 14KT & A Side Worldwide. The first mention of the 14KillaTape I ever saw was an interaction between Houseshoes & 14KT on Twitter last year. I had no clue what they were referring to until Houseshoes appeared on

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w/ Jordan Rockswell back last November. He told me that I had to hear this new beat tape 14KT had called “The Killa Tape”. He RAVED about it, if you know anything about Shoes is this dude’s ear is infallible. I asked 14KT about it the next day on Twitter & he said “Hopefully it will be released to the public one day”. Cool.

In December 2010, we had Magestik Legend & Jamall Bufford (Buff1) on the show (the interview was lost due to a server crash caused by high viewership) and Buff1 couldn’t even put “The Killa Tape” into intelligible words, which was all I needed to hear to know it was definitely going to be equal to or iller than “Nowalataz” was. I hadn’t heard about the legendary “Killa Tape” again until late May when KT began tweeting about it and various A Siders and inner circle cats began extolling it’s virtues. Then I heard it was dropping on June 7th. SAY WORD! © Redman

So here it is, 14 slaps made between 2008 and now beginning from when 14KT began competing on the beat battle circuit. In KT’s own words:

“Straight up…this is that raw ish. Slaps. Face Twisters. Hard beats. All these joints were made in a span of 08’-11’. It all started when I first got into the Red Bull Beat Battle in Detroit end of 08’. I was never known as a beat battle type producer and believe it or not, I actually don’t like battling with beats. However, that was my first time ever battling with beats. Knowing I was battling, I definitely found myself in a different frame of mind when I sat down to make joints in the lab. While in the lab, my motivation was making beats that I would have HATED if my opponent played them against me. I took a collection of beats where I had that mind state and mixed them with other beats I made during that time period. I’m setting this Killer Tape off with the first joint I ever made in a beat battle mind state and the rest is history. I got a new nickname under my belt now, 14KillaTape…haha” – 14KT

Without any further ado, I present to the inhabits of Earth, 14KT’s “14KillaTape”. Enjoy and salute everyone @ A Side Worldwide:
14KT “14KillaTape” [MEDIAFIRE LINK]


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