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*STICKY* Mixtape: Bloggerhouse’s Ode To Evil Dee’s “ONE” (Mixed By Eric)

by Eric on June 16, 2011

Everyone loves a good mixtape, right? Well, one of my all-time favorites was Evil Dee’s “One” series. Comprised of 6 discs/segments, Dee’s “ONE” highlighted some of the grittiest Hip Hop that was brewing in the New York underground scene. From the Cenobites to Pitch Black, “ONE” remains as one of my fondest memories of mixtapes in the mid-nineties.

However, what I’ve done with this mix is blend each of the cuts together for a 1 hour 20 minute journey through Dee’s vaults. Hit the jump to peep the tracklist, comprised of each track found on “ONE” and ENJOY!!!


1. “True Honey Buns”-Bahamadia
2. “Bring It On” (Buckwild Remix)-Organized Konfusion
3. “Worldwide”-Royal Flush
4. “Motherless Child” – Ghostface Killah
5. “Mr. Giggliano”-Positive K
6. “Keep It Real”-Jamal
7. “Your World Don’t Stop”-AZ
8. “Firewater”-Fat Joe
9. “Fades ‘Em All” (Pete Rock Remix)-Jamal
10. “Lifecheck”-Mic Geronimo
11. “I Shot Ya’ (Remix)-LL Cool J
12. “Movin’ On Ya’ Weak Production”-Royal Flush
13. “Crime Saga”-Shabazz The Disciple
14. “Dead Presidents”-Jay Z
15. “New York, New York”-Dogg Pound
16. “LA, LA”-C.N.N.
17. “Murdafest”-Smoothe Da Hustler
18. “Sacrifice”-Group Home
19. “In The Heat”-Erick Sermon
20. “Whussdaplan”-Cella Dwellas
21. “Woo Hah”(Remix)-Busta & O.D.B.
22. “Inna Citi Life”-Group Home
23. “If Headz Only Knew”-Heather B
24. “Bomdigi”-Erick Sermon
25. “Men Vs. Many”-Mic Geronimo
26. “Figure It Out”-Stezo
27. “Nights Of Fear” – Ak Skillz
28. “Dark Sun Riders”-Brother J
29. “Up Against The Wall”-Group Home
30. “Killin’ Em Softly”-Camp Lo
31. “Maintain”-Erick Sermon
32. “Illusions”-Cypress Hill
33. “Tonight’s The Night”-Kriss Kross
34. “When It Rains It Pours”-Shadez Of Brooklyn
35. “Spacey”-Large Pro
36. “Buy You Some”-Too Short & Erick Sermon
37. “Ashes To Ashes”-Pitch Black
38. “The Mad Scientist”-Large Pro
39. “Everyday Livin”-Shadez Of Brooklyn
40. “Shadowboxin”-GZA
41. “Is It A Dream”-Channel Live
42. “Coolie High” (Remix)-Camp Lo
43. “Lex Lugor”-Cenobites
44. “Recognize & Realize”-Big Noyd
45. “Must Stay Paid”-Broadway
46. “Time To Build”-Brother J (Dark Sun Riders)
47. “UKNOWHOWEDO”-Bahamadia
48. “Alize For Dolo”-8-Off
49. “Three The Hard Way”-Bahamadia
50. “Mommy”-Cenobites
51. “Freaky Flow”(Primo Remix)-Special Ed
52. “Drop” (Beatminerz Remix)-The Pharcyde
53. “No One Else” (Remix)-Total
54. “Set It Off”-Greg Nice
55. “Still Shinin”-Mobb Deep
56. “No Complex”-Chino XL
57. “Extra Abstract Skillz”-Mad Skillz
58. “Doin’ It”-LL Cool J
59. “Hardcore Hip Hop”-Rawcotiks
60. “How You Get A Deal”-Cenobites
61. “Soul Food”-Goodie Mob
62. “Doe Or Die” (RZA Remix)-AZ
63. “Winter Warz”-Ghostface Killah
64. “Truest MC”-Tru Master
65. “Ain’t No Nigga”-Jay Z


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Rachelle June 17, 2011 at 5:25 pm


You didn’t write any info in title field. If you’re going to post split mixes at least fill out the mp3 tags fully and properly. My media player played all songs by alphabetically instead by track number because you didn’t fill out the tags properly. I had write in title filed all 65 songs in order for my media player to play the mix properly!!!!

Dart_Adams June 17, 2011 at 8:30 pm



el jefe June 19, 2011 at 1:12 am

Yes Yes Keep this shit coming!

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