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Put It In Ya’ System: Eric’s Most Played For The Week

by Eric on September 22, 2011

1. “Still Hurts”-Qwazaar & Batsauce

Found On: Qwazaar & Batsauce’s “Style Be The King”

Even though the collaborative LP, “Bat Meets Blaine” dropped earlier this week, one of the dopest producers, whom unfairly is overlooked more often than not, Batsauce and one of the most stylistic emcees in the game, Qwazaar (Typical Cats, Outerlimitz, Dirty Digital)  also laced the public with an EP that I FORGOT to include on my best releases of the year list late late week *slaps forehead*.  The “Style Be The King” EP was/is pure heat.  Reeking of originality, this EP not only set the tone for the LP (which, I still haven’t heard yet!) but also gained a few “eyebrow raising” reviews in the process.

2. “Daydreamin”-Strange Fruit Project f. Grey

Damn, damn, damn!! This ‘ish bumps! I’ve been diggin’ on S.T.F.P. since Nicolay laced them with one of the dopest jawns of 2006 with “The Plague”, from their equally impressive LP, “The Healing”.  Recently released, their new LP “A Dreamer’s Journey” , is one of the finest outings this year and definitely worth the seven bones!!

3. “Hello World”-T3 f. Kameron Corvet

Found On: T3′s “3iller” EP

Sooooo, ummmm…who else overlooked T3′s “3ILLER” EP that dropped near the close of June?  Guilty, as charged!  However, as short as it may be (I guess a 9-track EP is sorta’ the standard nowadays, huh?) “3ILLER” is equally corny as it is fresh.  Some instances of vintage Slum on here, namely the Young RJ-freaked “Hello World” (BTW, RJ handles all of the production on the EP), but also a few head scratchers as well.  However, “Hello World” gave me the goosebumps, straight up!

4. “Nerd English”-Willie Evans Jr.

Found On: Wille’s “Introducin” LP

As I mentioned last week, Willie who pulls “double duty” on “Introducin” has dropped one of the least heralded LPs of the year.  With one of the smoothest deliveries, the Asamov-alumnus effortlessly murders the lyrical and production aspects of this album.  On no other track on the LP is this more evident than with “Nerd English”.  Somebody toss me my pimp cane, cause “Nerd English” is SWAG, ‘uff all this Lil’ B, Odd Future coined “SWAG”, “Nerd English” is that ‘ol real sh*t!

5. “Where You From”-Evidence f. Rakaa, Lil’ Fame & Termanology

Found On: Ev’s forthcoming LP “Cats & Dogs”

Damn yo!  If this jawn doesn’t make you scrunch ya’ face up like Craig Mack, I don’t know what does!?  With production from the ever-consistent Alchemist, “Where You From” is eerily reminiscent of Ev’s “Mr. Slow Flow” from his “Weatherman LP”.  With a slick hook delivered from one of the finest “ruckus bringin’ muhfuc*as” in the biz, Lil’ Fame, “Where You From” is one of the hardest cuts that I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in this year.  Also, the lyrical snippet from Jay Electronica’s classic cut “Exhibit C” (“You either build or destroy”) is just icing on the cake and a clever selection from the A-L-C.

6. “At Night”-Doppelgangaz

Found On: The Doppelgangaz “Lone Sharks” LP

Now, the Doppelgangaz “Lone Sharks” is one album that I unintentionally omitted from by “Top 15 LPs” released this year. I bumped this like gangbusters when it first dropped, but one of my ipods crashed and I’ve unfortunately forgotten to add it back to my playlist. Nevertheless, “Lone Sharks” is a damn fine independent release with two emcees (EP & Matter Ov Fact) that take me back to the days of the Cella Dwellas’ debut LP. I absolutely love the old school vibe of the production that fuels “Lone Sharks”, speaking of which I recently found out that these cats actually did some production for Lil’ B? Damn, really?

7. “Bust Ya’ Melon”-Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic

Found On: “Mode 7″

It’s only fitting that “Bust Ya’ Melon” finds itself following a track from the ‘gangaz’ “Lone Sharks” LP.  In my opinion, Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic’s “Mode 7″ is the best release to date from the Nottingham stable (although, I’m pretty amped to check out the new LP from The Regiment).  Both “Lone Sharks” and “Mode 7″ boast that golden era feel that us over 30 heads fell in love with at an early age.  Fueled by a slick Busta Rhyme vocal slice (“Making sh*t guaranteed to busy your fuc*king melon”) from “Abandon Ship”, “Bust Ya’ Melon” is one of the year’s more “neckbrace worthy” cuts.  And while the LP’s production reigns over the lyricism, “Mode 7″ is a definite must have for 2011.

8. “Sendin’ My Love” – Phonte

I gotta’ keep it real, I was just as amped as Drake for the debut solo LP from LIttle Brother’s most heralded emcee, Phonte.  Yet, after MULTIPLE listens to “Charity Starts At Home”, I’ve walked away each time somewhat let down.  For one, 9th Wonder’s production is just plain ol’ dated, there’s really no other way to put it.  However, “Sendin’ My Love” is a must have/listen for all of us old, married heads who still love Hip Hop.  Also, “Sendin’ My Love” features production from Stro Elliot (remember The Procussions?), and if you haven’t heard some of this cat’s work, I highly suggest you partake in some as this nastiness immediately!!

9. “A Dollar And A Dream III”

Found On: J Cole’s forthcoming “Cole World: The Sideline Story”

Although I’ve never been J Cole’s biggest fan, as I feel that Kendrick Lamar is absolutely head and shoulders over this cat lyrically and conceptually, and as scared as I am to proceed with the remainder of Cole’s debut solo LP, “Cole World”, I can’t help but be impressed with the emotion and production found on “A Dollar And A Dream III”.  Also, even though the first edition of “A Dollar And A Dream” first surface nearly four years ago, “III” trumps them all.

10. “Still Doing It”-Oddisee f. yU

Found On: Oddisee’s “Rock Creek Park”

Really, what’s messin’ with yU?  Seriously, there isn’t too many cats in the game who are up to par with one of the DMV’s finest, lyrically or otherwise.  Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the stellar production found not only on “Still Doing It”, but for the remainder of Oddisee’s recent “instrumental” outing, “Rock Creek Park”.  Just as fresh as fulfilling as “Rock Creek Park” was/is, “Still Doing It” has only increased my anticipation for yU’s next solo outing, there’s no denying that “Before Taxes” has already achieved classic status.

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Daniel September 22, 2011 at 8:58 pm

“Bust Ya’ Melon” is dope as what!

david September 26, 2011 at 5:33 pm

Howdya let Lone Sharks Lp slip ya mind bro… we be relyin’ on ya man, far from dem US shores. Got it now. So DOPE

el jefe October 7, 2011 at 2:23 am

Yeah that Ev shit goes hard man. Also digging the track with roc Marciano. And what can you say about that strange fruit project? Just some smooth ass grown man music with a verse or two that just might surprise ya.g/l

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