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BH Lite….The Return

by Travis on November 8, 2011

Hello fellow music aficionados, it’s me…No really, you remember me, right? Trav? No, Traaaav….You don’t? You remember Wake Your Daughter Up? You know, that one blog named after a long forgotten mediocre hip hop album from 1990? You don’t? WYDU was in XXL, Vibe and the Hip Hop Connection. Still no? I am the third of the trio of the bloggerhouse gang. Really? Still no? Well, hell, just swim through the archives found on here and get reacquainted with me, because like Nine, I’m back! Wait, who’s Nine you ask? You know, “Whutcha Want”? Oh forget it…

The rumors of my demise have been circulating the internet for the past six months. I’ve heard I quit blogging to join a monastery, that I received third degree burns on my ears after a freak accident that involved gasoline, a match, some Bose headphones and a Drake CD. There was also a rumor that I started a polka blog after swearing off hip hop during a marathon inbox session and overdosing on mediocre to crappy submissions, which probably isn’t too far from the truth.

Honestly, life happens, things change, and real life can be a bitch. Throw in the fact that after five plus years of blogging and having some disappointments in the “biz”, one kind of just gets burned out. It happens. I’ve enjoyed my time away from blogging (I still hate using that term), but I had started getting the itch again the past month or so. I’m not saying I’m back and good for 10-20 assorted posts during the week. I’ll probably go back to maybe writing a couple times a week, talking about stuff of the past or shit that I’m currently digging and forgo the whole promotion/email inbox thing. Meaning, I’ll be doing this for me.

So that’s it ladies and gents, I hopefully plan on doing this a couple times a week. I got some ideas of topics I want to cover and things I want to write about as I get my writing skills back up to par.

Five Things I’ve Been Diggin’ Lately….

Zilla Rocca feat. Has-Lo – Full Spectrum (Video)

The homies Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo have been a mainstay on any blog I’ve been involved with for a long ass time. I came in contact with Zilla during his Clean Guns/Beat Garden days while I was still in Denver, so it was at the latest sometime in 2007, if not late 2006. As far as Has goes, I won’t say that we were the first ones to push his music on the internets, but my first post for him was January 18th of 2008, with Eric following up eleven days later. Since then we’ve been shuttle drivers of the Has-Lo bandwagon. I even think I had something to do with these two getting together and making music together, but maybe that’s just my ego talking.

None the less, Zilla Rocca dropped the excellent “Nights & Weekends” EP a few months ago, and the first single features Has. In true form of Zilla associated projects, creativity spews all over the place in the form of a video, for the first single “Full Spectrum”. The visual beauty is obvious as it starts, as Has and Zilla play a duo that is reminiscent of Run and DMC, as our heroes wonder through landscape that looks like it should belong in a Dennis Hopper movie.

Download the track for free here:

Be sure to cop the EP if you are diggin’ this…

Sinitus Tempo – Peaceland

I’ve been on a crusade to push Sinitus Tempo’s music since I first heard the D.C. producer with Obii Say and the best “Out of nowhere album” of 2010, “Vinyl Proxy 1965″. Dude has been busy as all hell, as his latest project, “Peaceland” marks his SEVENTH project (EP and albums) this year. Don’t worry, the quality isn’t lacking on “Peaceland” neither (or any of the previous projects for that matter), as he just keeps getting better with each project.


“Dillon Aint Playin’” is the latest failure from, Dillon. Dillon Vaughan Maurer that is.
This is a video to prove to you that you should buy it, probably at least 10 times.

‘Dillon Aint Playin’ is an EP from Dillon w/ production from Paten Locke, Batsauce, Willie Evans Jr, Anthony Accurate, Supa Dave West & Diamond D. And Dillon. And Raps also from Boog Brown.

It will be released in early December by Dillon – he’s hooking up 300 copies only. The EP will be put together by Dillon & his goons by hand with organic & recycled materials. (For the ladies)

Dillon is NOT playing. So you can’t either. Go to RIGHT NOW to pre-order the EP, get the T-Shirt, the hoodie, the canvas tote bag, the private chef dinner, all that.

Qwazaar & Batsauce

It’s no lie that my man Batsauce gets much love in these parts. I’ve been a fan of his music since first hearing him as the mastermind beatsmith on the Smile Rays group. It’s great to see Bat starting to gain some much deserved recognition that he so rightfully deserves as he teams up with longtime Galagapos4 and Typcial Cats member, Qwazaar. I’ll admit, outside of his Typcial Cats appearances, I wasn’t totally up on Qwazaar’s discography, but this album (and EP that was released right before) are some of my favorite joints of the year. Bat Meets Blaine is nothing but straight up dopeness.


Nas - Nasty

I just love this fuckin’ song…


Why am I starting to dig “Watch The Throne” more and more?
Why do I rarely check blogs anymore myself? It’s like it’s all been done before anyway…
Why do I not really care if there is an NBA season or not?
Why have I still not bought Madden this year?
speaking of Madden…
Why do I have a feeling Peyton Hillis is a believer of the Madden curse now?
Why do I rarely read hip hop blogs anymore?
Why have I scaled back on instrumental albums this year?
Why am I one of the few people that hasn’t heard Kid Cudi’s or Drakes new albums?
Why do I not care if I never do?
Why am I always broke when the biggest record swap in Idaho goes down on the second weekend of November every year?
Why has it been over six months since I have bought a CD. I have bought countless records since then…
Why do I think the BCS in college football is a lost cause?
Why am I cautiously optimistic for both the new Roots and Common albums?
Why is it if those two albums both sell good that decent mainstream hip hop could be back?
Why do I think I’m just dreaming or on crack for just writing that previous sentence?
Why do I think the Steelers will still take the AFC North, even after Sunday night’s debacle against the Baltimore Ratbirds?
Why do I think I still have to post last years Top 100 Hip Songs? In my opinion of course…
Why, speaking of being cautiously optimistic, am I’m somewhat hyped to hear another Nas track. I know ultimately I’ll be disappointed…

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Lady Daisey November 8, 2011 at 7:11 pm

Yay! Travis is back!!

OneDay November 9, 2011 at 5:41 am

Good to hear!

Eric November 9, 2011 at 4:32 pm

EZ on the new Drake, you’ll be surprised!

Praverb November 10, 2011 at 7:06 am

It is a blessing to have you back. You are correct life does happen.

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