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WYDU’s Look At 2010: Trav’s Favorite 100 Tracks (90-81)….Better Late Than Never

by Travis on December 8, 2011

You read that right, this if for 2010…the two zero one zero. Yes, I’m late and at this rate, we’ll finish this in 2013, as long as those dang Mayans aren’t right about the end of the calender and just ran out of paper or rocks or stones or whatever they were using to make a 3000 year long calender. Figured this would get me warmed up for this year, which I vow to get through in a more faster fashion. Okay, on to the program…


90. Diego Bernal – Blue Neon

Diego Bernal, excuse me, it’s Councilman Bernal for the suckas (District 1 councilman in Austin Texas, congrats!), dropped two of my favorite instrumental joints over the past two years. It was last years Besides… which the track “Blue Neon” came from. To pin down Diego into one sound would be nearly impossible to do, he goes from straight up b-boyisms to almost an electro sound on some tracks and “Blue Neon” exemplifies this diversity.

89. Damu the Fudgemunk – Bright Side (OG Mix)
Found On: Supply For Demand

If you were to ask me my top five hip hop producers doing it right NOW, I’d have to include Damu in that list. Bringing nothing but dusty loops and samples to the table and that golden age sound to the speakers, Damu is what us old fogies like to call “dope”. Not only does he drop the beat on “Bright Side”, but he also rocks the mic. This is the OG version, which is full of lush piano keys and a drum track that will cause you to catch a kink in your neck.

88. Rah Digga – Classic
Found On: Classic

The former first lady of The Outsidaz dropped a “comeback” album of sorts last year, with Classic. Rah Digga has long been one of my favorite female emcce and coming with an album that was entirely produced by Nottz, the expectations were high. I can’t say the album lived up to those lofty expectations, but the title track, “Classic,” is what I expected from Digga and Nottz. A little electric guitar, some organ and bangin’ percussion an everything is good in hip hop land. Throw in the fact that Rah Digga comes at the mic like a honey badger that doesn’t give a shit and takes what she wants and you have a hot track that will surely get some fist pumps.

87. Earl Sweatshirt – Earl
Found On: Earl

It’s a good thing I’m regulated to a “nobody gives a fuck about” blogger these days, because I really don’t get all the excitement with the whole Odd Future/Wolf Gang movement. BUT, every now and then, they drop something that grabs my attention, and “Earl” certainly grabs my attention. With a beat that sounds like something I heard once on a 1991 Miami Bass album, with a nasty ass synth, bass, something that resembles hand claps, and it’s utter beautiful throw back simplicity, it should be the soundtrack of the word “swagger”. Lyrically, I like Earl’s flow and delivery, but usually it’s the shock value that loses me. He brings that shock value but this time it works for me. Some of it is hilarious, some of it could almost be true, but it just works with this beat. Throw in a fucked up video and you have yourself a pretty fucked up package…I love it.

86. The Left feat Mu – Battle Axe
Found On: Gas Mask

If you go back from today, it’s been over two years since I first heard The Left’s debut album, Gas Mask. If you are a regular reader of Bloggerhouse, you undoubtedly know exactly how Eric and I feel about that album. To this day, it still doesn’t get old to me. Production wise, it’s some of Apollo Brown’s best (and most diverse) work to date. The beats are full of that Detroit flavor and go together with emcee Journalist 103′s lyrics like a hand in a glove. “Battle Axe” is the first of many tracks from the album you’ll be seeing on this list. It’s a good place to start if you haven’t heard the trio’s music before.

85. Crown Royal – Get It Up
Found On: Crown Royale

Being a big Buff1 fan, the Crown Royal album was something I was looking forward to. I liked it better some others that write for this blog, but it did end up missing something when it came down to it. “Get It Up” though shows that potential. Rhemattic uses a sample that brings energy to the speakers (although IMAKEMADBEATS would kill the same sample this year), and Buff is on top of his game. The combination of a dope beat and Buff being Buff really allows this track to be dope as fuck.

84. Ox – Death of Salesman
Found On: Death of a Salesman

Any track and/or album (both in this case) that is named after a classic broadway play has a lot to live up to in hip hop. Okay, maybe not, but it’s a nice (and original) concept. Ox who has appeared on BH many times before, delivers a great lyrical performance that takes a common subject in hip hop, selling out, and makes it original. If you haven’t heard Ox rhyme before, Guru would be proud of this dude, because Ox has a voice that sticks to that eardrum. On the beat, we have long time WYDU contributor and favorite, DJ SoulClap from Germany. Clap, as I commonly refer to him as, has grown in leaps and bounds as a producer since I first heard him back in 2004 or so on “Death of a Salesman” is one of Clap’s better beats to that point. He takes a familar sample and tweaks it to make it his. I’m betting a lot of cats haven’t heard this track before, it’s worth a listen, and check the free download for the album if you like that.

83. Doxside Music Group – Bloggerhouse Intro
Found On: Dare Iz A Darkside Mixtape

Yeah, “Bloggerhouse Intro” is the Bloggerhouse anthem AND the intro to the Scrunchface radio show, so what? Call me bias, but c’mon, how can you not like the track? IMAKEMADBEATS brings a track with pianos, drums, and horns all dark as fuck, all swirling together, and all perfect for the three emcees, TzarIZM, Vis Major, and Midaz The Beast to rip over. Doxside is becoming my favorite crew of producers of emcees and producers, something that Eric was pushing heavily last year, and with good reason. IMAKEMADBEATS, TzarIZM and Midaz are some of the best of what they do, and to have they rep BH so heavily, I was proud to be affiliated with both Bloggerhouse and Doxside.

82. Junk Science – Fire Drill
Found On: A Miraculous Kind of Machine

Traditionally this isn’t my kind of track and at first I was disappointed in it. It was one of the first tracks to come off of Junk Science’s A Miraculous Kind of Machine last year, which kind of left me cautious, thinking The Junk might have altered their tried and true lo-fi sound for something new and almost techno like. But over time, it started to grown on me. The faster bpm, the rapid fire rhyming of Baje One, just the pure energy of “Fire Drill”, it was different than a lot of music Baje and Snafu had released in the past, but in someways it wasn’t. I started running late last year and this track was good to run to, got the juices flowing, so maybe that had something to do with it as well. Anyway, lesson learned, just because it might not sound like “your thing” at first, shit can grow on you.

81. Damu The Fudgemunk - DC Joint
Found On: Supply For Demand

We find Damu showing up once again, this time with “DC Joint”, reppin’ his hometown of The District of Columbia. You’ve probably heard these samples before, which is part of the beauty of Damu’s work on the track. You have the familiarity of the old school sound, but Damu still makes it his own sound. Again, Damu drops his own rhymes on the track and proves that while he might not be “the best producer on the mic”, he can put quite of few internet wannabe emcees to shame as well.

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Josef Zehetner December 9, 2011 at 3:27 am

The blame is on Rhemattic and not Buff for the album being not that good. I expected way more – but uhh. Rhemattic Beats are not my thing. I don’t like the sound of the drums and snairs. Battleaxe should be higher on the list. It’s one of my favourites from the Left. The part were the beat kicks in again at the end is so great!

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