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Mixtape: Bloggerhouse presents ’89-’90 SELECTIONS mixed by Eric C.

by Eric on December 24, 2011

Yes ‘sa, just in time for the holidays is a blend that I had sitting on my hard drive for the better part of the Fall. Finally, I compiled some of the best years in Hip Hop, 89-90. So, up next will be 1997 as years 89-96 are covered. On a side note, big shout to St.Mic for the final mastering. Enjoy and Happy Holidays from the Bloggerhouse camp! Hit the jump for link and track listing…

Track List

1. “Warm It Up”-Big Daddy Kane
2. “Bust A Move”-Young MC
3. “Treat ‘Em Right”-Chubb Rock
4. “Dance For Me”-Queen Latifah
5. “Glamorous Life”-Cool C
6. “Peachfuzz”-KMD
7. “Funkin’ Lesson”-X-Clan
8. “Untouchable”-Above The Law
9. “Ain’t Sayin’ Nothing”-Divine Styler
10. “Jingling Baby” (Remix)-LL Cool J
11. “Welcome To The Terrordome”-Public Enemy
12. “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted”-Ice Cube
13. “Executive Class”-Double XX Posse
14. “Mona Lisa”-Slick Rick
15. “Nod ‘Ya Head To This”-Kings Of Swing
16. “Ya’ Bad Chubbs”-Chubb Rock
17. “Fight The Power”-Public Enemy
18. “Self Destruction”-Stop The Violence Movement
19. “Ready 2 Attack”-Special Ed
20. “Lookin’ At The Front Door”-Main Source
21. “Who’s Gonna’ Take The Weight”-GangStarr
22. “Brothers Gonna’ Work It Out”-Public Enemy
23. “Gold Digger”-EPMD
24. “3 Strikes To 5000″-3rd Bass
25. “It’s My Turn”-Steezo
26. “The Humpty Dance”-Digital Underground
27. “Spellbound”-K-Solo
28. “To The Break Of Dawn”-LL Cool J
29. “Straight Outta’ Compton”-NWA
30. “So Whatcha’ Sayin”-EPMD
31. “Children’s Story”-Slick Rick
32. “Steppin’ To The AM”-3rd Bass
33. “Buckwhylin”-Terminator X
34. “I’m The Magnificent” (Remix)-Special Ed
35. “The Mission”-Special Ed
36. “Just To Get A Rep”-GangStarr
37. “The Gas Face”-3rd Bass
38. “J Beez Comin’ Through”-Jungle Brothers
39. “Around The Girl”-LL Cool J
40. “Buddy”(Remix)-De La Soul
41. “Funky For You”-Nice & Smooth
42. “Early To Rise”-Nice & Smooth
43. “Hey Ladies”-Beastie Boys
44. “The Rhythm”-Kwame
45. “Court Is In Session”-Chill Rob G
46. “The Originators”-JAZ & Jay-Z
47. “Knock ‘Em Out Sugar Ray”-Sugar Ray
48. “Thinking Of A Master Plan”-YZ
49. “Funky Dividends”-3 X Dope
50. “Product Of The Environment”-3rd Bass
51. “You Played Yourself”-Ice T
52. “Your Mom’s In My Business”-K-Solo
53. “More & More Hits”-Nice & Smooth
54. “Can I Kick It”-ATCQ
55. “Call Me D-Nice”-D-Nice
56. “Big Ole Butt”-LL Cool J
57. “Boomin’ System”-LL Cool J
58. “A Bitch Iz A Bitch”-NWA
59. “Murder Rap”-Above The Law
60. “In Control..”-YZ & G-Rock
61. “Why Is That?”-BDP
62. “Rock Dis Funky Joint”-PRT
63. “I Got It Made”-Special Ed
64. “Words I Manifest”-GangStarr
65. “If The Papes Come”-ATCQ
66. “To The Max”-Stezo
67. “Express Yourself”-NWA
68. “Love’s Gonna’ Getcha”-BDP
69. “Strictly For The Ladies”-Lord Finesse
70. “Ruff Rhyme”-King Tee
71. “In The Ghetto”-Eric B & Rakim
72. “No Bones In The Ice Cream”-Nice & Smooth
73. “Smooth Operator”-Big Daddy Kane
74. “Bonita Applebum”-ATCQ
75. “Who’s The Mack?”-Ice Cube
76. “Cha Cha Cha”-MC Lyte
77. “Droppin’ It”-Bizzie Boys
78. “Streets Of New York”-Kool G Rap & Polo
79. “Played Like A Piano”-King Tee
80. “Funky Enough”-The D.O.C.
81. “Freaks Of The Industry”-Digital Underground
82. “Me & The Biz”-Masta Ace
83. “A Good Combination”-Positive K
84. “Just A Friend”-Biz Markie
85. “Hey Young World”-Slick Rick


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Steve January 5, 2012 at 8:05 am

I love the work you did. Can’t imagine how much time it had to take.

I’m not that up to all the hiphop. I got the classics, favourite artists: 2Pac, Mobb Deep, De La Soul, Nas, Snoop, Souls of Mischief … via blogs the other greats.

Only flaw I discovered and I think is a pitty for the rest of the superb work is, in the ’95 (to me the golden years) suddenly there is 2Pac with Hail Mary. Shouldn’t here be something from the Me Against The World-era?

Looking forward to your ’97.

kind regards,


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