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Review: Doc Singe – Kiss Of The Beast

by Eric on January 9, 2012

“Kiss Of The Beast” – Doc Singe (Ascetic Music)

“Sun God” f. Branesparker (Freestyle Professors)

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“Set It Off” f. Pace Won

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Well, it looks like Doc Singe’s outstanding LP, “Kiss Of The Beast” will serve as our first official review of 2012, even though the album was actually released right around Thanksgiving.  Of course, score me a late pass with this goodie box, yet again!  Regardless, when I first heard the LP, thanks to an official “put on” from fellow Golden Era lovin’ brethren, JAZ (of Cold Rock Da Spot), I was instantly awestruck.   However, it’s safe to say that my adoration of  ”Kiss Of The Beast” has toned down a bit after about the 12th listen, there are a few notable weaknesses, but it’s say to say that the debut LP from French producer Doc Singe is a true testament to Singe’s knowledge and “way around” the SP1200.

One glance at the tracklisting for “K.O.T.B.” and you’ll notice that the features and lyrical contributors to this album are nearly a backpacker’s wet dream.  Pace Won, John Robinson, Count Bass D, M.F. Grimm, 2Mex and hell….even Finsta of Finsta Bundy all form like Voltron to complete a project that doesn’t sound forced, rushed or uncomfortable in the least.  If I had to pick a favorite from “K.O.T.B.” it has to be “Sun God”.  Not only does “Sun God” feature Singe’s best production performance but a rejuvenated Branesparker of The Freestyle Professors forces me to dig a little bit deeper into the discography of the F.P’s based solely on his showing on this track.  I mean, seriously, I hadn’t even heard “Sun God” until late December, but it’s dope enough to justify it’s placing in my “Top 10 Tracks Of 2011″, shit is that ill!  Secondly, everyone loves the addictive “Scooby Doo” sample made famous by Lord Finesse with “You Know What I’m About” (from the “Trespass” soundtrack), here Singe flips it into overdrive with the Pace Won-assisted “Set It Off”, a track that will have you laying face down on the chiropractor’s table for a much needed “adjustment” by the end of the week.  Even though 2Mex has never been my cup of tea, Singe’s boom-bap backdrop on the fittingly titled “Back 95″ is more than enough to eclipse the “acquired taste ” of 2Mex’s unique delivery.

If there is a glaring weakness it is the album’s opener “Bangra Revolution” featuring a vocal appearance from L.I.F.E. L.O.N.G.  While I’ve enjoyed some of L.O.N.G.’s recent showings, namely on Irealz’ “Starz of The Godz”, the drab production of Singe (probably my least favorite cut on the LP) doesn’t really do anything to enhance L.O.N.G.’s feature, nor does it keep up with the quality found on the remainder of the LP.  Yet, this is just me nitpicking, but I would have also definitely moved the tracklisting around a bit, which is already tough to do when you have a “compilation” of this nature.  I promise you this though, I’d never even heard of Singe prior to “Kiss Of The Beast”, yet with “K.O.T.B.” he’s immediately jumped onto my radar of “producers to watch out for” in the coming months/years ahead!  Dude is type ill!!!

Much like Rashad & Confidence’s stellar “Element of Surprise” emerged from virtually nowhere to find itself sitting atop numerous “Best Of List(s)” by the year’s closing, “Kiss Of The Beast” shares the same capability and Golden Era feel to mirror the success of “Element Of Surprise”.  It’s safe to say that with recent releases from the aforementioned Rashad & Confidence and Singe’s “Kiss Of The Beast”, boom bap ain’t goin’ nowhere anytime soon!  Oh, and by the way, since the Source is absolute TRASH anymore, I’ve jocked their infamous “Mic System” and implemented it here at Bloggerhouse, since it is the most tried and true formula from Hip Hop album ratings, in my opinion. “Kiss Of The Beast” is adorned 4 outta’ 5 mics, extremely good not great LP, still quite an accomplishment for a producer-themed LP.

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Jaz January 10, 2012 at 12:54 am

Nice review and thank you for the mention E.


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