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Mixtape: Bloggerhouse presents: Backpack Essentials Pt. II (Mixed by Eric)

by Eric on January 26, 2012

As it usually does around the first quarter of each year, my listening habits always revert back to the “Golden Era”. However, what’s different then prior years, is that in 2012 I’ve taken to the task of uncovering (with the assistance of Crates of Ag, Jaz & Werner Von Wallenrod) the overused category of what is known as “random rap”. Quite interesting and very intriguing this task has been and continues to be. Here, I’ve blended together some of my favorite “finds” over the last month or so as Bloggerhouse presents Pt. II of the “Backpack Essentials” installment. Hit the jump for tracklisting..


1. Widow Prizum – YOY Bumba
2. Bee Why – The Boros
3. Brooklyn Zoo – The New Shit (Phat Drop Mix)
4. Brass Tacks – Hidden Insight
5. Da Great Deihty Dah – The Day I Raped Hip Hop
6. Various – Can’t Hold It Back
7. Black Majik – Rotten Apple
8. Champ MC – Keep Shit On The Real (Pete Rock Remix)
9. Crooked Ozone – Insane
10. Mischievous LQ – Representing
11. PB Wolf f. Encore – The Undercover (Frankenstein Remix)
12. Cover The Child Of Destruction – Underground Flow
13. Brainwash 2000 – Break It Down
14. Brass Tacks – Ice Breaker Classic
15. Lil’ Shawn – Check It Out Ya’ll
16. War Click – Bullet For A Bullet
17. Jam D.O.T. – Soul Search’n (Remix)
18. Grand Puba – Untitled (prod. by Lord Finesse
19. Brooklyn Zoo – Year 2000
20. Citizen Kane – Elements Of Mind
21. Amp Boogie – Bluntly Speaking
22. Jam D.O.T. – Time (Wastelandz Remix)
23. Felix Cruz – Stuck Pt. I
24. D.L.R. – Show & Prove (NYC Version)
25. Concrete Mob – Boiling Point
26. Dreadknotz – The Anthem
27. Sun Risers – Street Song
28. L.P.S.D. – Insane Nigga
29. J Force – Bullseye
30. Reggie Reg – NJ Connection
31. Sons Of Sam – It’s Like That
32. Money Boss Players – Nighty Night
33. Ruggedness Madd Drama – For Real
34. Blunted Dummies – Sunshine
35. Most Desh – Hip Hop Is Livin’
36. Sparrow – Physics
37. King Tee – Check The Flow
38. F.O.N. – Bring Wreck (Remix)
39. Tha Lowa – Hard 2 Get (Remix)
40. Tha Lowa – Never Give Up
41. Tha Lowa – Don’t Crossover
42. Lord Aaqil – Kick It Like Dis
43. Massive Ring – Middle East
44. Fatal – Timber
45. Original Heads f. Bobbito – For The Record
46. Halrazzers – Death Rattle (Remix)


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Jaz January 27, 2012 at 3:48 am

Man quit the name dropping E haha, thank you fam, always happy to help, great selection here, I don’t think I have ever used the term Random Rap in my life to be honest haha.

verge tibbs January 29, 2012 at 8:35 pm

Nice. Lots of records i own, used to own, and wish to own up on that list, lol. Dl’ing now and will give a listen. That’s a lot of $ vinyl up in ya crates, damn. Props.

verge tibbs January 30, 2012 at 1:50 am

Can’t Hold It Back is by “Esteem” produced by Spencer Bellemy bka “East Flatbush Project” most known for “Tried By Twelve”. “Tried By Twelve” kinda blew up underground but i think “Cant Hold It Back” and the b-side “Madman’s Dream” are much much better.

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