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Bandcamp’s Best: Week 2/6

by Travis on February 9, 2012

  Dirty Hank & ReasonThe Monty Brogan EP
Get It For Free

The newest EP from Reason and Dirty Hank comes in the form of The Monty Brogan EP. The duo is          part of the Poorly Drawn People collective, who have been regulars of WYDU/Bloggerhouse, so to say I have been looking forward to this one is an understatement.  What you are going to get with The Monty Brogan EP is humor, shenanigans, drinking, and raunchy tom foolery. It’s nice to have some humor in hip hop for a change as we don’t get to experience much of  that these days of no sense of humor having emcees. That’s not the case with Hank and Reason. Beat wise, it’s the same usual suspects that have shown up on Dirty Hank’s projects in the past, with Falside handling the production duties on seven of the tracks and Mad Plaid gracing two tracks. If you are diggin’ Reason and Hank’s past contributions, you are going to be feeling this.


Whygee – I Need $
Stream & Purchase Here

My “other” hometown of Denver Colorado is home to a lot of talented DJs, Kid Hum, DJ Low Key, DJ Chonz, just to name a few. They somewhat over shadow the vocal talent found in the Mile High state, but one emcee that has always been on my radar and my favorite rhyme spitter is Whygee and dammit, Whygee needs money. Okay, that’s what the album is called, I Need $, and it’s filled with Whygee rhyming over producer Qknox’s lush beats. The two artists bring out the best in each other, with Whygee bringing a gravel like voice reminiscent of Fatlip while Qknox brings a rather unique, yet somewhat familiar sound. Together, they bring a solid release that is worth throwing a few a Benjamin Franklin or two at. .


MOEdavey & Melodious Mike – MOElodious
Get It For Free

I knew what to expect from the previously mentioned project in this week’s Bandcamp’s Best, but MOElodious was one of those unknown submissions we receive that we knew nothing about. Eight times out of ten, they fail miserably, but UK native producer MOEdavey and New Jersey resident rhymer Melodious Mike submitted a pleasant surprise. I know next to nothing about the duo, but don’t let that detour from hearing a very solid project. Pointing out standout tracks would be hard, because the beauty of this project is the cohesive sound and just the overall vibe brought to the table. MOEdavey is a talented cat on the boards and he adds the backbone to the laid back rhymes from Mike. I love finding surprises like this from time to time and to be honest, it’s projects like this that keep me checking the ol’ inbox.

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Hump Jones February 9, 2012 at 11:37 am

NICE. Glad this feature is back.

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