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BLOGGERHOUSE presents: The Source Fat Tape & Sure Shot Singles (Jan. 1995)

by Eric on March 18, 2012

Ok. Let’s try this again. So, lately in my quest to track down every “The Source” magazine I ever owned (pre-2003, BTW I’m gettin’ pretty darn close to completion, I’d dare to say I’m one of the few folks left who has every issue from ’91-2000), upon recipt, I’ve immediately been leafing through the pages to the “Fat Tape” feature(s). Act like you know, the “older” source mags featured the “Fat Tape” section near the front and the “Sure Shot Singles” in the closing pages. However, as a bit of nostalgia, I’ve been collected nearly all of the “Fat Tapes” on my spare hardrive and adding the playlist to my Ipod. Kinda’ corny, right? Nah, I love it man, I freakin’ cherish these old “Source” mags like my O.G. ’95 Neon Air Maxes or my O.G. Jordan Cement IV’s. So, me being the ‘gent that I am, I figured I’d start featuring the compiled “Fat Tapes” here at Bloggerhouse, as soon as I add ‘em to my Itunes. So enjoy, our first edition, yeah…you remember the CLASSIC M.J.B. year end issue from January of ’95!

The uploads will be featured in no particular order, just basically whatever I feel like venturing into. So you may have a goodie from ’92 on a Monday and something from one of Hip Hop’s last great years, 1997, the next. Without further adieu, hit the jump for linkage and the tracklisting from the January, 1995 issue. Oh, BTW, couldn’t track down the Miss Jones/Horace Brown goodie (insert sarcasm), “This Christmas”, but I have a feeling it won’t hurt your feelings too terribly, LOL. Enjoy!!  Oh, also of note…I’ve done a decent job of labeling and ordering the fat tapes, so just unzip and add to Itunes and you should be gravy!!

Tracklist (Fat Tape & Sure Shot Singles)

1. “Betta Recognize”-Sam Sneed
2. “Everyday Struggle”-Biggie
3. “Bring The Pain”-Method Man
4. “Candy Rain” – Soul For Real
5. “Dig On That”-Ground Floor f. Lord Finesse
6. “In The House”-Pete & CL
7. “Daaam”-Tha Liks
8. “Oh Yeah”-Rottin Razkals
9. “One More Day”-Nate Dogg
10. “Redrum”-NINE
11. “Cosmic Slop”-Redman
12. “No Hooks”-Shaq f. RZA & Meth
13. “O-Zone”
14. “Get Down” (Q-Tip Remix) – Craig Mack
15. “Hand Of The Dead Body”-Scarface f. Ice Cube
16. “Huuum Deez Nuts”-King Sun
17. “Record Jock”-Dana Dane


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Jaz March 19, 2012 at 5:49 am

Good looking out E.C.

Truth be told this has been done by a few others before fam…I did a post up at TROY with the help of Brandan Evans and also Vincent at THIMK did tons of them , but I am not complaining at all , I too have been collecting old The Source issues as well, but as scans because I accepted that I won’t be getting my old mags back and I had a dope time with them, I would love to see full scans of the magazine 1990-1995, I still have a few issues here and there but a lot of them are missing pages and pics lol.

Jaz March 19, 2012 at 5:50 am

Oh one last thing, Emskee said at Facebook that he is keen to let all of his issues go for a good price.


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