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BLOGGERHOUSE presents: The Source Fat Tape & Sure Shot Singles (August 1992)

by Eric on March 20, 2012

Let it be known, the infamous Luke “Censor This” cover from 1991 was one of the very first Source mags I copped (along with Special Ed’s “Legal” tape), while visiting the Pittsburgh Zoo on a field trip. However, the Too Short-graced issue from August of ’92 is also one of the first issues that I can vividly recall actually purchasing. The issue that gave EPMD’s best album to date, “Business Never Personal” a near “CLASSIC” rating with 4.5 mics and one of my favorite “personal” albums of all-time, K-Solo’s sophomore LP, “Time’s Up” 3.5 mics, was also busy introducing the world to a young Mary J. Blige and her debut “What’s The 411?” along with a nice feature on the Brand New Heavies live, collaborative LP, “Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. I”. Oh, and who could forget the extra dope Pete Rock & CL Smooth feature from the issue’s final pages? Ahh, the good ‘ol days, no doubt! Hit the jump for link and tracklist for one of the illest “Fat Tape’s” from The Source…


1. Skinz-Pete & CL
2. A.D.A.M. – X-Clan
3. So Whatcha’ Want (Muggs Remix)-The Beastie Boys
4. I’m Flippin’ – PHD
5. Funk Radio – Ultramagnetic MCs
6. Soliloquy of Chaos-Gang Starr
7. 360 (What Goes Around)-Grand Puba
8. The Formula (House Party) – K-Solo
9. One In The Chamba – Almighty RSO
10. In The Trunk-Too Short
11. If My Homie Calls-2Pac
12. Mic Checka’ (Remix)-Das Efx
13. Casualties Of War-Eric B & Rakim
14. Brothers From Brentwood LI-EPMD
15. The Doo-Bop Song-Miles Davis & R.I.F.
16. Jus Lyke Compton-DJ Quik
17. Niggaz Still Trippin-DJ Quik
18. Blow Your Mind-Redman
19. Down Wit My Nigga-Paradise
20. How To Roll A Blunt-Redman


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