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BLOGGERHOUSE presents: The Source Fat Tape & Sure Shot Singles (Dec. 1992)

by Eric on April 2, 2012


1. Headbanger-EPMD
2. Breaker 1/9 – Common Sense
3. It’s Alright-Classic Example
4. Hard Like A Criminal-Das Efx
5. Peace Treaty-KAM
6. Lord Have Mercy-Da Lench Mob
7. Watch Yo’ Nuggets-Redman
8. Hoodrat-CMW
9. How The Fuck Would You Know?-Positive K
10. A Day In The Life-Diamond D
11. Fat Pockets (Remix)-Showbiz & AG
12. Pass The Gat-Brand Nubian
13. Similak Child (Remix)-Black Sheep
14. Not Gonna’ Be Able To Do It-Double XX Posse
15. Gangsta Bitch-Apache
16. Halftime-NAS
17. Rebirth Of Slick-Digable Planets
18. Ak Ha Ha, Ak Hoo Hoo?-Akinyele


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