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Album of The Day: Melanin 9 – “Magna Carta”

by Eric on December 18, 2012

Melanin 9 a.k.a. “M9″ a.k.a. “M9 Ether” recently dropped his first official debut album “Magna Carta”, and while the album will probably be unfairly overlooked (you know how us U.S. headz love UK hip hop..insert sarcasm), it’s definitely right up my alley. Mind blowing by no means, yet very solid and enjoyable, with loads of replay value, “Magna Carta” is filled to the rim with quality cuts.

Tracks such as “Landslide” which is backed by a dusty drum break and a slick piano sample is pure, unfiltered Hip Hop, while cuts such as the Roc Marciano-laced “White Russian” and the somber tones of the Madame Pepper-featured “The 7 Blues” can best be described as steady but not overwhelming. However, the album’s disputable highlight arrives via “Red Snow” which utilizes the same vocal sample that made Smoothe and Trigga’s classic “My Crew Can’t Go For That” (from “The Nutty Professor” soundtrack) so damn addictive to me.

With dusty, throwback production and keen lyricism from Melanin 9, “Magna Carta” is one of the year’s better outings. While not “up there” with the likes of Dark Time Sunshine’s “ANX” or Kendrick’s cinematic CLASSIC (yes, indeed, it is..), Melanin 9 impressed the hell outta’ me with this one and I had no problem coughing up the dough for M9′s past efforts “144,000″ and “Orion’s Stencil” via his BANDCAMP page, which I intend to peep later in the week as well. Hit the jump as M9 discusses the process and birth of “Magna Carta”….


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