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New ‘Ish That Reminds Me Of Old ‘Ish: P. Blackk & J Rawls : Contemporary Nostalgia LP

by Eric on January 15, 2013

P BlackkAfter releasing “Blackk Friday” in 2011 under the watchful eye of Fly  Union, Columbus ,Ohio’s P. Blackk was looking for a new “sound”.  Remaining in Ohio, Blackk made a beautiful connection with another OHIOan, J Rawls (Lone Catalysts) to craft the lovely, “Contemporary Nostalgia”, released prior to the new year on December 30th, 2012.  “Contemporary Nostalgia” is a classic case of “New Meets….nah, seasoned“.  Blackk’s lyricals are punctuated with self confidence and typical emcee bravado and a new school, cocksure delivery.  Simply put, dude can spit!  Couple that with the classic production from J Rawls, filled to the brim with classic breakbeats and loops, “Contemporary Nostalgia” is a win/win situation and thus far into 2013, my favorite LP.

Tracks like the neck-snapping “GitDaFunkUp!”, “Diamonds & Furs” and “2MPH” can be mistook for your regular swagger-type tracks; plenty of metaphors without much substance, right?  Nah kid, don’t let the track titles fool you.  While the tracks do find Blackk, for lack of better wording, grabbing his nuts, they come together perfectly with Rawls’ consistent, but not overwhelming production (which is 100% true regarding much of Rawls’ discography, dude has never produced a wack beat, IMO).  Yet, it’s on tracks like “Milkshake”, an ode to a fellow fallen soldier and both versions of “Beautiful” where this pair truly sounds at ease.  I mean, with the “blink of an eye” rise to stardom of fellow emcees such as Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren and the whole Pro Era crew, Blackk fits right in, I can only hope that he receives the notoriety and recognition of the aforementioned “New School”, because it’s truly deserved!

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New ‘Ish That Reminds Me Of Old ‘Ish: P. Blackk & J Rawls : Contemporary Nostalgia LP | alabamba
February 3, 2013 at 9:00 am

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