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Mixtape Re-Up: Bloggerhouse presents: The Buckwild “100″ Mixed by Eric. C.

by Eric on January 24, 2013

*NOTE* I’ve received quite a few emails since we’ve become a lil’ more…ahem, active? Namely for many of the old mixes that are now down (thanks Megaupload..), I’ll try to re-up as many as I can over the next few dayz – Eric C.

Honestly, before I had any clue of THIS (which is very nice!), I’d begun work on the “Buckwild 100″. No shade, but 21 tracks? C’mon B, that’s not how we do “mixes” here at Bloggerhouse! So what we have below is 100 (!) of my favorite Buckwild productions, blended by yours truly for your listening enjoyment. Stay tuned for Pt. II of “The Buckwild 100″, which will highlight some of Buck’s more “recent” production. With this mixtape, I wanted to stick to the classics to stick with one cohesive “sound”, so to speak. Hit the jump for tracklisting and linkage!


1. “Scars & Pain”-Jemini The Gifted One
2. “On Stage”-Diamond
3. “Problemz”-Street Smartz
4. “Bring It On” (Buckwild Remix)-Organized Konfusion
5. “Burn Me Slow”-O.C.
6. “Don’t Trust Anyone”-Street Smartz
7. “C’mon Wit Da Git Down” (Remix 1)-Artifacts
8. “C’mon Wit Da Git Down” (Remix 2)-Artifacts
9. “Story Of My Life”-Jemini The Gifted One
10. “I Been Makin’ So Much Money”-Royal Flush
11. “Masta I.C.”-Mic Geronimo
12. “Love Child”-O.C.
13. “O Zone”-O.C.
14. “Why”-Organized Konfusion
15. “Danger Zone”-Big L
16. “Caught Up In The Game”-Bushwackas
17. “Lyrics” (Remix)-Special Ed
18. “You Can’t Stop”-Afro Jazz
19. “Wanna’ Be Rich”- A+
20. “Smokin’ On The Low”-Sadat X
21. “There Will Be Blood” (Remix)-Celph Titled & D.I.T.C.
22. “Blowin’ Up In The World”-Kool G Rap
23. “M.V.P.” (Remix 2)-Big L
24. “M.V.P.” (Remix 1)-Big L
25. “Word Is Bond”-Brand Nubian
26. “Represente”-Afro Jazz
27. “You Can’t Front”-Diamond D & Sadat X
28. “Little Indian” (Remix)-Little Indian
29. “Mad Izm” (Remix)-Channel Live
30. “You Know Now” (Remix)-Show & AG
31. “Let It Slide”-O.C.
32. “Makin’ Moves”-Royal Flush
33. “Hip 2 Da Game” (Remix)-Lord Finesse
34. “Put It On”-Big L
35. “Stress”-Organized Konfusion
36. “Nights Of Fear”-Ak Skillz
37. “North East South West” (Remix)-Black Sheep
38. “Time’s Up”-O.C.
39. “Nothin’ To Say”-Celph Titled & Buckwild
40. “Ho Happy Jackie”-AZ
41. “Invetro”-Organized Konfusion
42. “A Better Day”-Ill Bizkits
43. “Word..Life”-O.C.
44. “Me & My Microphone”-A+ & Q-Tip
45. “Move Your Feet”-Kurrupt Money Inc.
46. “Three Stories High”-Mic Geronimo
47. “Live & Stink”-Mike Zoot
48. “Back To Berth”-Reservoir Dogz
49. “Devil’s Son”-Big L
50. “All About War”-F.A.T.A.L. Foundation
51. “I Be” (Remix)-Mystidious Misfits
52. “What A Year”-Chubb Rock
53. “Fast Life” (Remix)-Kool G Rap & Nas
54. “Yo Black” (Remix)-Kool Keith/UltraMag
55. “Life’s A Bitch” (Remix 1)-Nas
56. “Life’s A Bitch” (Remix 2)-Nas
57. “Back To Berth 2″(included this one again, by mistake!)-Reservoir Dogz
58. “No Trust”-Reservoir Dogz
59. “Doin’ Time In The Cypha”-Mad Skillz
60. “One Thing Or Another”-Ak Skillz
61. “Point Of Viewz”-O.C.
62. “Rock On” (Remix)-Funkdoobiest
63. “Fallen Star”-Scientifik
64. “Respect The Architect”(Remix)-Guru
65. “98″-Red Hot Lover Tone
66. “4 My Peeps” (Remix)-Red Hot Lover Tone
67. “Born To Live”-O.C.
68. “Cut That Weak Shit”(Remix)-Lace Da Booms & Royal Flush
69. “Sabotage”-O.C.
70. “East Coast”-Sadat X
71. “Overnite Gangsta”-Scientifik
72. “Shugah Shorty”-Organized Konfusion
73. What I Represent”-O.C. & Buckwild
74. “The Celph Titled Show”-Celph Titled & Buckwild
75. “Next Level”(Remix)-Tha Alkaholiks
76. “Da Graveyard”-Big L
77. “I Like It” (Remix)-Grand Puba
78. “Thirteen”-Organzied Konfusion
79. “Down Lo Ho”-Scientifik
80. “We Run Thing”(Remix)-Da Bush Babees
81. “In The Game”-Red Hot Lover Ton
82 & 83. “Attack Of New Jeruzalum”-Artifacts
84. “Mad Izm” (O.G. Remix)-Channel Live
85. “Guess Who’s Back”-Rakim
86. “Beware Of The Rampsack”-Rampage
87. “What Goes On”-Artifacts
88. “The Difference”-Reservoir Dogz
89. “Ma Dukes”-O.C.
90. “Alladat”-Brand Nubian
91. “8 Iz Enuff”-Big L
92. “Lump Lump”-Sadat X
93. “Dream Shatterer”-Big Pun
94. “Murder Season”-Lace Da Booms
95. “Daam”(Remix)-Alkaholiks
96. “Get It Together”(Remix)-Beastie Boys
97. “Learn 2 B A Man 4 Self”-Main One
98. “Rockin’ It”-Brand Nubian
99. “Niggaz Night Out”-Royal Flush
100. “Nigguz Ain’t Got It”-Main One


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Mixtape Re-Up: Bloggerhouse presents: The Buckwild “100″ Mixed by Eric. C. | alabamba
January 25, 2013 at 9:00 am


unikone January 25, 2013 at 4:11 pm

nice work Mate !

Eric January 25, 2013 at 6:34 pm

Thanks mate!!!

spazbeatz86 February 4, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Dope review dude! Check my album review page if ya can one love!

Beats1 March 10, 2013 at 11:52 am

Lets chop this mixtape and see whats about it….
Free Instrumentals

Rob March 22, 2013 at 9:03 am

Thanks for doing that for us!

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