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B-House Approved: MidaZ The Beast – “AU” Another Universe

by Eric on September 12, 2013

Midaz“AU” Another Universe-MidaZ The Beast (HipNott Records, Released: 8/20/13)

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“Icing On The Cake”

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After releasing a slew of underground heat to include “The El MidaZ Affair”, “Muggs vs. MidaZ”, “MidaZ vs. Pete Rock” and last year’s EXTREMELY, almost CRIMINALLY overlooked outing “Loops”, the O-Zone’s very own MidaZ, just recently released his highly anticipated debut “AU” on HipNott late last month to much acclaim.  Already being touted as one of 2013′s finest outings, Trav and I had very high expectations of this album leading into it’s release after coining MidaZ as a modern day Kool G Rap.  Hit the jump to see the Bloggerhouse collective’s thoughts on “AU”…

Trav’s Take: “Midaz is someone I’ve been a fan of for the past few years. With a flow and voice reminiscent of Kool G Rap, he is just a lot of fun to listen to. Although he’s been on many “street albums”, mixtapes and EPs, “AU: Another Universe” is actually Midaz’s official debut album. While a lot of his past efforts tend to be somewhat unfocused, “AU” is definitely on point for me.

The sound, the flow of the album, all of it is very precise and works well together. Of course some songs are better than others, but there is a good handful of great songs and nothing here that would cause me to hit the fast forward button. Production-wise, most of this is handled by  his Doxside Music Group co-horts (Tzarizm and IMAKEMADBEATS), who I have always been into. He even brings two outside producers who I tend to like a lot, Oh No (“Goldberg”) and Paten Locke (“Mind Control”), into the mix  for two songs. Overall this is a great album, very consistent and very easy to listen to. Hopefully he gets the shine he deserves.  I’m gonna’ give the album a solid 3.75 outta’ 5.  Some of my favorite cuts from the album are “Champion of the Block”, “If Seeing is Believing”, “Fire”, “Jane Doe”, “Icing on the Cake” and “Walking Away”.

Eric’s Take:  “Seriously, one of the sickest, most underrated emcees in Hip Hop today!  Whatever you’re searching for lyrically, MidaZ has got it!  Storytelling? Peep, “Jane Doe” and “Coma”?  Straight up braggadocio? Peep, “Champion of The Block” or even “Fire” (f. Roc Marciano).  Lastly, for just some illmatic, “disishowedo” peep the Tzarizm produced “Icing On The Cake”, which sounds as if it could just as easily found a home on “Reasonable Doubt”.  TzaiZM’s production is incredibly dope on “Worthless”, a sentimental ditty on which I’m certain more than a handful of struggling underground emcees can empathize with MidaZ.  On the flip-side of the coin, the only track that wasn’t really appealing to me was also the TzariZM produced, “Bad Things”.  While the intro “tidbit” (I’m sure plenty of you will realize this YouTube classic) was comical, I often find myself skipping this track when listening to “AU”.  Still, that’s me being very picky and almost nit-picking to a fault.

The only real qualm I have with “A.U.”, is that on occasion, the variance of producers (IMAKEMADBEATS, TzariZM, Paten Locke, Tough Junkie, Marco Polo, Oh No) leads to a slight overall lack of cohesiveness on the album.  However, don’t fret, MidaZ more that holds up his end of the bargain with one of the finest lyrical displays of the year via “AU”.  I’m tellin’ ya’ll this dude is the”2013″ Kool G Rap, not too many cats messin’ with this dude nowadayz.  I’m gonna’ share the 3.75 rating with Trav, but this is one of those mid-90′s “THE SOURCE” solid 3.5 ratings, if you catch my drift.  Think, Big L’s debut, I’m not even playin’


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