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B-House Approved (Review): Epidemic – Somethin’ For Tha’ Listeners

by Eric on September 15, 2013

Epidemic“Somethin’ For Tha Listeners”-Epidemic

Purchase “Somethin..” HERE

Eric’s Take: ” Not “newbs” to the underground hip hop sphere by any means, Epidemic a.k.a the duo of Hex One & Tek-nition have been quietly releasing some of the most quality LPs in the last few years. “Somethin’ For Tha Listeners”, the duo’s 2013 release is no different. While last year’s release “Monochrome Skies” was heavily slept-on in some circles, real heads had the album mingling amongst the heavy hitters as some of the top underground Hip Hop dropped in 2012. Whereas, the production on “Monochrome..” was handled almost solely by Jesse James, “Somethin’ For Tha’ Listeners” is backed by unknown producer, Esco, who masterfully crafts some of the year’s most elegant, breezy production.

While the album isn’t a trendsetter by any means, the jazzy vibes and vivid wordplay of Hex & Tek-nition make this album a must have for fans of the Golden Era, a true throwback of sorts. This album is the type of jawn you can just pump in the headphones and “cool out, cool out and listen to it..”.  Yes, even though the subject matter does tend to get repetitive on occasion, “Somethin’ For Tha’ Listeners”, as previously mentioned, is backed by some of the best production I’ve heard this year from the likes of Esco.  This album has been my “go to” album whenever I wanna’ unwind or pop in the headphones whenever I wanna’ take care of some business at home or at the office.  Thankfully, the real underground peeps have caught on to this album as it was the top seller at for the month of August, even though the album was released near the start of July.

Hands down, 9 months into 2013, “Somethin’ For Tha’ Listeners” is my favorite album thus far.  Take it from me though, Epidemic, nor this album will blow you away upon first listen.  However, this album is pure quality and I honestly can’t pick one single cut I would have omitted from the LP.  Epidemic have remained true to the culture and the end result is a beautiful piece of work that will put a smile on your face and take you back to 1994-’96.  Hopefully this duo continues to improve upon their prior outings as they’ve done since their debut, “Illin’ Spree”, released in 2011.  I honestly have to bless “Somethin’…” with a solid 4 outta’ 5.  A truly great album that will be looked upon, not only as one of the year’s more slept on albums, but also one of it’s finest.”

Trav’s Take: Although Epidemic is three albums in, “Somethin’ For Tha’ Listeners” is my first album that I remember hearing from the duo. Lyrically, the two emcees, HexOne & Tek-Nition, have great chemistry together and both are equally talented. One sounds a lot like the great 90′s Canadian producer/emcee Frankenstein aka Frankie Ano, so that puts him on my favorite list rather easily. Subject wise, they aren’t really saying anything extraordinary or meaningful, it’s just straight rhymes and beats found throughout the album. On the production tip, there are some ultra smooth jazzy influenced tracks to be found on here. They sound good, reminding one of some 90′s golden era type of beats. My only beef is that they all end up sounding similar to each in sound and tempo, so I tend to lose focus toward the end of the album each time I listen to it. Still, this is a solid release that should appeal to the old school heads out there.”

Rating: 3.5

Favorite Songs:
Rhyme Writers
Cool Out
Poisonous Love
Mic Masters
Esco’s Crates

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ziga September 16, 2013 at 3:10 am

Great thing, great to see your posts again. Glad that everything in your life is OK.

Pooch September 19, 2013 at 9:24 pm

Thanks for throwing some shine on this album. It took me a couple days to get to listen to it. That joint is nice.


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