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B-House Approved: Blame One & J-57: “Walk In The Sun”

by Eric on September 17, 2013

Blame“Walk In The Sun”-Blame One & J57

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Eric’s Take:  “Blame One has released a ton of great material over the last half decade or so (although Blame has officially been in the game since the mid-90′s), that is, according to the internets. However, full disclosure, I couldn’t name one of his albums off the top of my head. Furthermore, the only track that Blame dropped that was somewhat memorable to me was “Days Chasing Days” from Blame’s 2009 release “Endurance”, and that’s only because I’m probably the biggest Black Milk “Stan” there is and I know that Black did the beat.  So, what does that say about me? Undoubtedly, I’ve been in a deep slumber, because Blame has me venturing off to revisit “Endurance” simply based off of his most recent performance via his collabo LP with Brown Bag All-Star’s producer, J57.

Equal parts dopeness, Blame One and J-57 have developed quite a chemistry with their showing on “Walk In The Sun”.  I’m not even playin’, J57 of Brown Bag All-Stars laced Blame the way Exile did Blu back in Please note, Blame spits grown man lyrics and maybe that is why this album is do damn appealing to me at the tender age of 37. Yet, on the production tip, J-57 blessed the album with 3 of my favorite beats from 2013 with the album’s opener “B.L.A.M.E. 57″, “They Don’t Know” and “Knowledge Wisdom Overstanding”. Honestly, even though the album just released on 9-3, I can’t get it outta’ my headphones!” I very solid 4 outta’ 5, you take “Mad Money” outta’ the equation and it’d be slightly higher. I have no idea why that track wasn’t left on the cutting room floor, brings absolutely nothing to “Walk In The Sun”.

Trav’s Take: “The way Blame One and J57′s album, “Walk in the Sun” started off, I was afraid that was being waaaaay too easy on this project. I mean, yes I’m a big fan of Blame’s past two projects and yes I’m a fan of J57 and his Brown Bag Allstar family, but four out of the first five tracks were making me hit “rewind” and even the just “good” one was very good. I thought maybe I was being too much of a fan boy. While the album doesn’t keep up that pace, it’s still packing enough heat to be one of my favorite albums so far this year and I’m pretty sure that even though my biases are playing some part, who care? I love this album.

Blame is as “real” as real can be. He talks about hip hop, but also talks about family life and just plain living. J57 does a good job at making this album consistent but not boring. The sounds are diverse but cater to Blame so well. I’m curious to see how this album is received, because I find it excellent and I don’t need my opinion validated, but I hope people find this album just as good as I have.

Rating: 4.0

Favorite Tracks:
They Don’t Know
Circuit Overload
Before The Sunset
Lucid Dream

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