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B-House Approved (Review) – Sean Born & DUNC (DTMD) – Organic EP

by Eric on September 19, 2013

.:HHB All Day:.“Organic” – Sean Born & DUNC of DTMD

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I don’t know about ya’ll, but in my personal opinion, Sean Born is one of the most overlooked emcees in Underground Hip Hop today.  His last full-length LP, “Behind The Scale” (released in Feb., 2012), went largely unnoticed.  I feel that “Behind The Scale” was against the odds coming out of the gate.  How so?  For one, the release date of the LP was somewhat unfavorable for Sean.  As, in the past, first quarter releases are often forgotten as the end of the year rolls around and “Album of The Year” lists pile up.  However, with that being said, “Behind The Scale” is a personal classic of mine, and it’s right up there with Black Milk’s “Album Of The Year”, Blu & Exile’s “Below The Heavens” and Ill Poetic’s “The World Is Ours” as some of the best Hip Hop to be released in the last half decade.

Sean’s collabo EP with DUNC of DTMD, dropped today and let me just state that it’s a damn shame that “Organic” is only an EP!!  Whereas, Low Budget cohort, Kev Brown handled the bulk of the production for “Behind The Scale” (on which DUNC also made an appearance, producing “DrugsAlchoholSex”), “Organic” is solely produced by DUNC.  However, honest to goodness, there’s hardly any variance in the vibe, feel and overall sound of “Organic” when compared to “Behind The Scale”, and that’s a good thing!!  Accompanying Sean, lyrically, on the EP is Low Budget family Hassaan Mackey, Kaimbr, XO and Kev Brown.  I like to classify Sean’s type of music as “Grind Music”, for a prime example of what I speak of, see “Hardship” which features the aforementioned Mackey & XO.  I would actually like to hear Sean spit on more uptempo beats like this, “Hardship” is really one of the more bare bones tracks that I’ve heard from Sean to date.  However, not only “Hardship”, but the bulk of the EP still possesses that “DMV grit” that Sean is most known for.  Yet the true gem of the EP is “Lush”, which has a small bonus cut near it’s closure that features the same loop that Edo G. made famous with “I’ve Got To Have It”.

However, Sean is not the only star of the show on “Organic”.  DUNC, with his performance on this EP, has me going back to DTMD’s “Makin’ Dollas”, which, oddly enough, dropped almost two years ago to the date that “Organic” dropped.  I’m actually thinking I had to have slept on that LP, because DUNC’s beats on the EP are rich, lush and the samples are extremely well-picked.  Bottom line and I’ll say it again, I’m just sad that this is only an EP.  No filler, pure uncut dope…..a solid 4 outta’ 5!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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