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B-House Approved (a.k.a. Trav’s AOTY thus far..) – J-Zone – Peter Pan Syndrome

by Eric on September 20, 2013

J-Zone“Peter Pan Syndrome” (Old Maid Ent., Released: 9/10/13)

Cop “Peter Pan Syndrome” HERE

When one of your favorite artists comes out of “retirement” to release his first solo album in nine years, you tend to get excited and usually the expectations tied to that release are sky high. More often than not, there is no way the expectations can match the actual product. Fast Forward to what we have here, which is the latest J-Zone release, “Peter Pan Syndrome”, and the perceived outcome for this release is as high as it can be for me. Does the album live up to hefty expectations?

J-Zone is among my personal top 5 favorite hip hop producers and one of my favorite emcees. He’s one of the few artists that has never disappointed me with any of his releases. The man’s beats are truly unique, you’re not going to confuse his beats with anyone else. If at all possible, with “Peter Pan”, he’s stepped up his production skills even more. During his hiatus from the rap game, Zone has taught himself the drums, so many of the tracks (if not all) have live drums backing them and it adds to the overall sound. The breaks remind you of some funky joints from the 60′s and 70′s. It just adds to the crazy sounds and samples that Zone employs in his music, which is still present. The album is littered with some crazy instrumentals which just show off his chops and incredibly unique beats.

Lyrically, you’re not going to get some battle rhyme type stuff here, as J-Zone has never been known for such thing. Hell, you’ll be lucky to get a hook on most of his tracks. What you do get though, is that J-Zone ignorance (and I mean that in a good way), comedy, and goofiness. There is nothing that can be taken too seriously on “Peter Pan Syndrome”, although the album does tackle the somewhat serious topic of the aging hip hop artist (as serious as that can be). In fact a lot of the album is based on that and in typical J-Zone fashion, it can be taken serious, but that’s a good thing. He delivers the topics in his own slightly jaded view on life, which is both humorous and in some cases even thought provoking. Tracks like “Gadget Ho”, “Jackin’ For Basquaites”, and “Crib Issues”, are all humorous but covers the type of stuff that irritates most of us.

Hip Hop is way too serious these days. I have nothing against fighting the power, or blasting a punk fool, but to be a well rounded genre, you have to have a bit of everything. J-Zone brings that humor to the game and he does it well. This isn’t just some silly shit that you listen to once or twice and laugh then forget about it, it’s something that you want to put in regular rotation. The beats are as good as anything Zone has released in the past, and growing old hasn’t dulled his view on life or his sense of humor. “Peter Pan Syndrome” is one of J-Zone’s best piece of work, if not his best. Let’s hope he keeps rappin’ and producing well into his senior citizen years.

Rating: 4.25

Favorite Songs:
Gadget Ho
Molotov Cocktail
Opposites Attact
Hog Slop
A Honest Day’s Robbery
Gimme a Hit
Black Weirdo
The Fox Hunt
Roaches in the Kitchen
Peter Pan Syndrome

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