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B-House Approved: The Procussions – The Procussions

by Eric on September 23, 2013

the procussions“The Procussions” – The Procussions (Stro The 89th Key & Mr. J Medeiros

Purchase “The Procussions” HERE

It’s been quite a while since The Procussions (Stro The 89th Key & Mr. J Medeiros) dropped their last LP, “5 Sparrows For Two Cents”, over 7 years (!) ago to be exact.  Released via the Rawkus imprint, “5 Sparrows..” found Rez (Resonant) along for the ride, whereas The Procussions’ recently released LP finds Stro and Mr. J as a duo holding down the fort.  The Procussions also released a self-titled EP near the end of March this year, which cleverly enough, is the first 5 songs featured on the LP.  So if you purchased the EP back in March, you can now cop the remainder of the LP for a slight over 5 bones via Itunes.  Confused yet?  Well, don’t be as I’m here to tell you that Stro & Mr. J’s self-titled LP is one of the most solid, well-executed LPs that you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying in 2013.

The Procussions, often considered thought-provoking rappers, sit somewhere in the middle, comfortably settled in between underground and conscious Hip Hop.  On this LP, you won’t hear one single expletive, on the same token, much of the production on the LP is some of the hardest that I’ve heard this year.  Stro’s production is crisp, dense and bass heavy, catering to Mr. J’s aggressive delivery and Stro’s own unique voice, quite nicely.  No joke, Stro’s drums on the majority of the cuts on this LP simply KNOCK!!  Hitting you with a dose of back to back dopeness, “Badges” and “Insomnia” absolutely murder the trunk, as does the fittingly titled “The Drum” which also boasts a lyrical appearance from Blame One.  Simply put the only weak link production-wise on the LP is “Track 10″ which is a track that is simply a parody of mainstream radio and is quite tongue in cheek, not to be taken very seriously.

Lyrically, Mr. J carries much of the weight on this LP, with Stro popping up on occasion to add some flavor to the mix.  Heck, on “Today”  Stro actually delivers my favorite verse on the LP, stealing the show from the always dope, Shad.  However, Mr. J deserves his props, as much of his lyrics are filled with depth, introspection, insight and at times, playfulness.  It’s obvious that Mr. J has “lived” and learned a lesson or three along the way, dude is highly underrated.  While much of Mr. J’s work since “Of Gods & Girls” (released in ’06 as well) has been somewhat underwhelming to me, dude definitely stepped it up a notch on “The Procussions”.  On uptempo cuts such as the aforementioned “Badges” (my favorite cut on the LP), “Insomnia” and the previously released “The Fringe”, Mr. J rides Stro’s funky production effortlessly.  The pairing of Stro and Mr. J is a match made in heaven on this LP, I hope the duo captures some of the shine they are so deserving of in 2013.

Bottom Line, this album is in contention for my favorite of 2013.  While there’s no true “stand out” this year that blows away the rest of the pack, there has been some consistency and 2013 is shaping up to be one of the best years in Hip Hop in quite some time.

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