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Eric’s Most Played For The Week

by Eric on September 29, 2013

Jmega1. “The Party’s Over”-JMEGA THE GOD (click to hear via BANDCAMP)

Download “Nig*az Iz Kingz Forever” HERE

Sh*t!  Prior to last week, why had I never heard of this cat!?  Released on Sept. 19, JMEGA THE GOD’S (of True Masterz), “Nig*az Iz Kingz Forever” is 21 tracks (25 in all will 4 interludes) of pure heat.  Not only is the production, courtesy of MighGawd, Purpose of Tragic Allies, Kwervo, Wheely, Sicknessmp, One Drop Beats, Dee Metto, DJ Bilingual, Don Ve, RTTC, and Gymleadermatt, absolutely stellar, this dude is one of a kind on the mic.  JMEGA sports one of the sickest flows, deliveries and voices that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this year.  Yes, at 21 tracks deep, the album does slightly take a dip after “Bobby Johnson” (which is one of iller productions on the LP, courtesy of SicknessMP), yet it’s not that steep of a fall-off.

The first time I heard “The Party’s Over” I was thinking “where it the bottom in this track”?  In the theme of Roc Marc & KA, “The Party’s Over”, produced my Mighgawd, is pretty bare bones.  With the infamous “Impeach The President” sample as the meat of the track, a sharp hand-clap and..what I’m thinking is the same eerie sample that Preem utilized on the Group Home classic “The Realness”, Mighgawd sets a lovely backdrop for JMEGA.  Not only was I unfamiliar with J, but other than Purpose of Tragic Allies”, I hadn’t heard many of the producers featured on the LP either.  No matter, in most instances, production from so many outside sources can oftentimes lead to confusion.  However, that’s far from the case with “Ni*gaz Iz Kingz Forever”, being that the LP boasts quite a few of the best tracks that I’ve heard this year via “The Party’s Over”, “Bobby Johnson”,  “Super Scientific” and “Airships”.

Black Milk2. “Dismal” (Soundcloud LINK)-Black Milk

Pre-Order “No Poison, No Paradise” HERE

OK, I’m gonna’ make this short and sweet.  Keep in mind, Black Milk is absolutely, no questions asked, my favorite artists in Hip Hop today (I must admit, I’m a “closet” Kendrick Lamar fan as well) as his last LP, “Album of The Year” is rolling in the headphones, at the very least, weekly since it’s release nearly  3 years ago.  Now, in 2013, Black has dropped 4 tracks from the forthcoming “No Poison, No Paradise”, “Sunday’s Best”/”Monday’s Worst”, “Perfected On Puritan Ave.” and just last week, “Dismal”.  So, amongst those four singles, all four of them are some of the best 2013 has had to offer.

Lastly, I’ve heard “No Poison, No Paradise” and it’s hard not for me to just unleash a review on this LP so far ahead of it’s release date, because IT IS THAT GOOD. Put it this way, the title of his 2010 release is more appropriate for his forthcoming opus “No Poison..”

14kt3. “Live From Pimpstead” – 14KT f. Roc Marciano (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Purchase “Nickel & Dimed” HERE

I’m not gonna’ front, I was somewhat disappointed with 14KT’s recently released “Nickel & Dimed”, simply because I expected it to parallel his classic LP, “The Golden Hour”.  While the album does have it share of highlights, to include: “Imonit!”, “Rosey Posey” and “Crown” to name a few.  Nothing quite slapped me upside the head the way “Live From Pimpstead” did when it was released nearly two weeks ago!  Released as a non-album bonus cut, “..Pimpstead” finds KT supplying Roc Marciano, even though it seems like an odd pairing on paper, with a thunderous, better yet, murderous production as Roc absolutely murks this one.  And that hook?  That bassline?  This sh*t is just simply amazing.  If this doesn’t get you amped, you simply don’t’ have a pulse..

Hus4. “Pyramid Points” (Khrysis Remix) – Hus (Free Download) f. Rozewood

Purchase “The Cognac Tape” HERE

If you’ve visited Bloggerhouse over the last half decade, you’ll know that Trav & I are pretty big fans of Hus The Kingpin & SmooVth a.k.a. Tha Connection (hence an appearance from both of their respective projects in today’s post).  I’m especially proud of Hus, not only for the constant grind that he and SmooVth invest into their label Digi Crates, but Hus’ most recent Roc-Marciano hosted outing, “The Cognac Tape”, just landed a proper release via the highly respected and potent label, Mello Music Group, last week.

In similar fashion to 14KT’s “Live From Pimpstead” (also released via Mello Music Group), the Khrysis remix of “Pyramid Points” was also added as a bonus loosie to “The Cognac Tape”.  In addition, “Pyramid..” is also my favorite cut on the mixtape/LP as Khrysis delivers some of his most inspired production as Hus and Rozewood ride the airy track effortlessly.  I said it a million times and I’ll say it again, Khrysis is often compared to 9th Wonder, yet in my humble opinion, there is simply no comparison as I’m ridin’ with Khrysis all day!!

smoovth5. “Don Dada” – SmooVth (1/2 of Tha Connection)

Listen to “Don Dada” HERE

Released a shade over two weeks ago, SmooVth’s “Don Dada” samples a vocal excerpt from “Belly” as relatively unknown producer, Doktor Rheal (not for long though, peep his BANDCAMP) delivers a raw, gritty bare bones canvas for SmooVth to represent his native Hempstead to the utmost.  It’s funny, I was having a Facebook convo with SmooVth last week, pleading with him to send me “Don Dada” ASAP, and I posed the question, “how do ya’ll find the illest (at the time) unknown producers?” I mean, these cats (Tha Connection) find some gems!!  My new millennium version of a more lyrical Group Home, SmooVth and Hus always deliver quality.  I can’t even recall the last time I heard some wackness from these cats, good to finally see all their hard work and grind paying off!!

amir6. “AA” (Alcoholism & Afrocentricity) – Amir Taron & Mute Sweetenburg

Download “Aerosal Diary” HERE

Although “AA” dropped back at the start of 2012, I hadn’t heard the track until it recently popped up on Amir Taron & Mute Sweetenburg’s EP, “Aersaol Diary”.  Released at the start of 2013, “Aerosal Diary” is very enjoyable, nothing too mind-blowing or ground-breaking but consistent and a very enjoyable listen for fans of that good ol’ Boom Bap.  Amir’s vocals may take a bit of getting used to, but he’s very unique in the same breath, dude coulda’ fit right in with Souls of Mischief or the Boogiemonsters.  With consistent lyricism from Taron and production from Mute Sweetenburg, not sure if there’s a relation to Fel Sweetenburg in there, the Garden State can hold it’s head high if there’s more Hip Hop like this emerging from one of the most overlooked states in the history of the art-form.

PP77. “Nuclear Reaction” – Clear Soul Forces

Cop “Gold PP7′s” HERE

Lemme’ just state that after the success of Clear Soul Forces’ “Detroit Revolution(s)” I had crazy high hopes for the release of “Gold PP7′s” which dropped almost two weeks ago.  Not only had the four-man crew from Detroit established a solid following with their prior workings, but “Gold PP7′s” would also be pushed/released by the famed Fat Beats imprint.  However, I’ve tried on multiple listens to “get into” “Gold..”, but man, something is just missing on this LP.  I know that Kankick had a lil’ beef with these cats for not getting credit for some of the beats found on “Detroit Revolution(s)”, but I just don’t know.  While Ilajide’s production on the last outing had a lil’ more “umph”, “Nuclear Reaction” is a bit more of what I was searching for from this talented crew.  It’s almost as if they went a bit mainstream on this go ’round, although I highly doubt that was their initial intent.

rah8. “Hack Saw”-RAH

Purchase “Deadly East” HERE

Now this was a nice little surprise.  Rah, whom hails from the Bronx, released his follow-up to his 2011 album, “Beneath The Tunnels”, in late August and I gotta’ admit while you wont find the most deep lyrical content via “Deadly East”, you will find a ton of random 90′s references (i.e, Upper Deck Trading Cards).  Even better, the album, produced by Memory Man (albeit the final two cuts on the LP), is pure boom-bap that is a true testament to the Bronx “sound”.   Similar to JMEGA THE GOD’s “Ni*gaz Iz Kingz Forever”, the beats on this LP are pure grit, but Rah isn’t nearly up to par with JMEGA on the M-I-C, yet he’s still pretty damn sharp lyrically and his voice suits Memory Man’s production quite well.  ”Deadly East” is definitely an album you need to peep if you’re a fan of mid-90′s Boom-Bap.

AG9. “What We Have” (f. Mayhem Lauren)-Ag Da Coroner

Download: “Crushed Grapes” HERE

After appearances on work from Action Bronson and Mayhem Lauren, who also pops up the the highlighted cut, “What We Have”, Ag Da Coroner finally dropped the long-awaited “Crushed Grapes” just a shade over a week ago.  Produced solely by ATG, “Crushed Grapes” is the not the full-length LP that Ag had die hard fans fiending for after stealing the show on quite a few occasions from the aforementioned artists, but it’s enough to hold us over while he preps his actual debut album.  The EP is quite uneven, but “What We Have”, while just over 2 minutes in length is the definitive highlight of “Crushed Grapes” and one can only hope that his new LP will be in more of the same vein.

lmno10. Dyslexic (f. J-Rocc)-LMNO & Evidence

Purchase “After The Fact” HERE

Man, I’m kicking myself in the rear over here as I’ve been meaning to put up a review of LMNO & Evidence’s collaborative LP, “After The Fact” (LMNO on the mic, EV on the production) for at least two weeks.  While LMNO is an acquired taste and many folks have complained that he drops too much music (I swear, you can’t please everyone), “After The Fact” is quite possibly LMNO’s best work to date.  It’s not only LMNO’s best work, but as big a fan I am of Evidence’s “The Weatherman” (personal classic, no doubt),  EV’s production on this LP is phenomenal and is also some of his best.  The track featured here is albeit “Mr. Slow Flow” Pt. II.  It’s only right that the video features LMNO getting a “reverse” shape-up, as you can almost hear the clippers buzzin’ in EV’s production.  I’ll get a proper review up by week’s end, but “After The Fact” is definitely one of the strongest outings of 2013.


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Eflavor September 30, 2013 at 12:12 pm

nice blog !…my favorite album up there is deadly east! thanx for putting me on with that kid! gonna subscribe soon peace!

unikone September 30, 2013 at 5:29 pm

JMEGA THE GOD is my shit !! thanx a lot bro

money mo September 30, 2013 at 7:29 pm

that song hack saw is pretty crazy! i dont see how he is not on a major label ..or number 1 on your list !..but thanx for the share word up!

twitter@ruggedcase September 30, 2013 at 8:06 pm

yoooo that deadly east album is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally found something worth buying ! i dont see how you said he is not deep ! you must not have heard that song dead pool ! thats better then 98% of hiphop songs ever! glad i came across your blog to the gem !

where is Karmen Sandiego October 1, 2013 at 4:36 am

JMEGA Tru MASTERS salute!!

where is Karmen Sandiego October 1, 2013 at 4:37 am

JMEGA Tru MASTERZ salute!!

Time187 October 1, 2013 at 5:39 am

Rah> everybody else!… just downloaded it! Thanx!

Holy grail October 1, 2013 at 6:20 am

The bx holding it down saluteeeeee!!!!

truewarrior October 1, 2013 at 10:37 am

Rah holding down the bx ! best new artist hands down !

Illbeats1 October 3, 2013 at 1:02 pm

Memory man blows harry fraud ,static slecktor ,marco polo out the water! Maybe one of the best producer’s ever !!!

tonysteeze October 26, 2013 at 12:04 pm

i checked the j mega joint out and it was aight reminded me of somebody from killer army …could not feel the crushed grapes or clear soul forces albums to much maybe gotta listen again ,i listed to the hack saw cut that eveybody was commentating on and it was so ill!… i had to check the whole album! and i must admit it was as dope has headz were saying ! i mean i can get off the first track!.. its that ill! blows mad albums out the water ! not just this year but even in the 90s!

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