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B-House Approved (Review) – Evan Holt & Thelonious Martin – The Temptations

by Eric on October 15, 2013

Evan HoltEvan Holt & Thelonious Martin – The Temptations

Download “The Temptations” HERE

I know I touched on Evan Holt & Thelonious Martin’s recent free release “The Temptations” a few days ago in my “Most Played For The Week” column, yet I have to bring more truth to the light on this insanely dope release as apparently headz are still sleeping on the product heavily!  Clocking in at only 11 tracks deep and just a shade under 30 minutes, technically, “The Temptations” is more of an EP release.  However, the fluidity, song placement, concept and construction of this product makes it feel like more of a complete album and when the album’s finale comes to it’s two-part completion, you’re only left fiending for more from this talented duo!

Admittingly, I’ve downloaded quite a few of Martin’s instrumental projects, yet I haven’t even paid attention if a few of the beats that are featured on “The Temptations” have been previously been released, and at this point in the game I don’t even care, because I don’t recall any production from dude that has stood out quite like his work on this release.  Tracks such as the album’s opener, “Small Steps”, “For The Love” and the album’s two-beat finale, “War With Myself” are lush, elegant and all have that feel that will make you appear as if you’ve just bitten into a sour lemon…yes, that funky.  Martin’s production is very complementary to Holt and what’s best about his soundscapes is that it’s not really comparable to anyone that’s out.  I mean, you have the usual comparisons, “dude sounds like Dilla, Large Pro, Preem and Pete Rock”.  Yet, honestly, Martin is in a class of his own and I don’t know whom I would compare him to or even guess whom his particular influences are for that matter.  I can only hope that this release picks up steam and garners Martin even more “outside” work and notoriety.

Now, Evan Holt? Simply stated, dude is Illllllllll.  I’ve been in quite a slumber as this is my first time ever hearing Holt on wax.  However, everyone knows that I love my beats/production, yet on “The Temptations”, Holt has me reeled in hook line and sinker with his addictive flow, unique voice and confident delivery.  I hate to use the term “swag”, but on this release Holt definitely has his hand on his nuts as this album is filled with honesty, truth and frustration.  I can only hope this is just a warm-up of what we can expect from this pairing.

Man, although it’s tough to classify this, again, as an album, “The Temptations” is one of my favorite releases this year.  It’s a shame this outing is largely going unnoticed because it’s one of the more well-crafted listens in recent memory.


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