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Eric (WhenTheyReminisce) woke up early on his born day, he’s 33, the blessin’ of adolescence left his body know he’s fresh n’. His physical frame is celebrated ’cause he made it, two quarters through life, some Godly like thing created. He switched his motto instead of sayin’ uff tomorrow, that buck that bought a bottle coulda’ struck the Lotto.

Dart Adams (Poisonous Paragraphs) is a cross between John Henry, Spider Jerusalem, Tyler Durden & Aaron McGruder if they grew up in the South End of Boston beginning in 1975. He’s a noted graphomaniac, insomniac, film geek & Hip Hop junkie. He hopes to one day make the quintessential movie about urban Boston & write the great American (graphic) novel. He’s also a ninja.

Raised on cheap beer, bbq potato chips, Miami bass tapes, No Face songs, and Bomb Squad production, this self proclaimed Masta Ace “stan” has been on the blogosphere since 2005. With a love for the golden age classics and the “so far downtown, the devil going to call it underground” new school hip hop, Trav (WakeYourDaughterUp)has love for the hip hop culture that has become as much a part of his life as his suede shell toed Adidas on his feet. Promising to keep doing his own thing, look for much more of the same from someone who is going on 24 years of hip hop goodness.

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godilla April 11, 2012 at 8:51 pm

I was trying to submit my latest album for possible review or a feature. For whatever reason the email kept on failing. I was hoping to get redirected to another email where I can send the appropriate links. Thanks for your time and patience-Godilla

miranda writes August 28, 2012 at 9:55 am

This article was written about the history of Female Emcees and the Future of Hip Hop to which I was written about…I am old school Flava on a mission to bring back what has been lost some time ago without emcees like myself…peace and blessings enjoy
Download and share as you WILL be enlightened and full of hope for our future and Hip Hop resurrection.

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