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I’ll be the first to admit, I thought Hip Hop died in 1996. However, after pumpin’ nothing but 1997 ‘ish in my headphones since the birth of 2012, I’ve made a huuuge misjudgment. 1997 was loaded, I mean, it may have been a better year than 1996 in retrospect. So with all that being said, what we have here is a blend of some of ’97s finest, meshed together seamlessly by yours truly to celebrate the start of “1997 Week” here at Bloggerhouse, where we’ll revisit some of the finer workings from the so-called “year of the bling”. Hit the jump for link and tracklist…

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Bandcamp’s Best: Week of 3/2

by Travis on March 2, 2012

  Various Artists – Beatz & Lyrics 2 Go: Vol. 2
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Fresh from the A3C Hip Hop Festival, this nice little compilation features a large variety of emcees and producers, some well known and some not so well known. There’s some nice tracks to be found, WYDU/Bloggerhouse fav, Arablak, shows up (finally) with a track produced by Shade Cobain. It’s good to hear Arablak again and he attacks the track, bringing the ferocity that he has in the past. Boog Brown continues her streak of hotness as well with two different tracks, one produced by BH approved, Tzarizm. It even features more well known underground stalwarts such as Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Reks and Termanology. You are going to find something for everyone, making this one of the better compilations I’ve heard in awhile.


Fokis – A Vintage State of Mind
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Fokis has been around for awhile at least, as I seem to remember him dropping a project a few years ago. He’s back this year with a tribute album of sorts and it’s actually kind of a cool little idea. They are interpolations of his of classic tracks, hence the vintage theme the album has. Of course some work better than others, but it’s kind of cool to hear the changes and such. You have artists such as King Tee, Sadat X (who hosts the mixtape) and others making appearances and/or alluded to or covered. It’s an interesting and creative project that is well worth the price tag it has, which is FREE, fools. Go and download and just enjoy something creative.


Jonny Hammond – Barry White Money
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Okay, so it’s just a song, but it marks the return of sorts of a couple of my favorite artists. If you followed WYDU back in the day you know I was a big fan of The Nite People, and the newly formed group, Jonny Hammond, contains two former members. E The Real and DJ Manipulator should both be familiar if you’ve been around these parts much in the past. The combine forces again to bring us “Barry White Money”, which is pretty damn dope. E always has this calm and cool presence on the mic and DJ Manipulator makes boom bap records better than your favorite boom bap producer, fo’ sure! These two will be dropping an album this year and I for one am looking forward to it.

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Apollo Brown & O.C. – Prove Me Wrong

by Eric on February 28, 2012

DJ Premier debuted the first song off of the upcoming Apollo Brown & OC album Trophies. The track played Saturday night on Preme’s Sirius Satalite Show. We’ve provided a radio rip free download for those who missed it!

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Doxside Family – “Think About It”

by Eric on February 27, 2012

Ready for Dare Iz A Doxside Vol. 2 ? Whether you’ve braced yourself or not for the latest offering from Doxside Music Group, the crew is coming out swinging with “Think About It,” the first single from their soon-to-be-released compilation. Produced by Grey Matter’s Tempermental, the track features TzariZM, MidaZ, and Aahmean doing what they do best – embarrassing any and all who attempt to hold a candle to their skills on the mic. We can’t confirm anything at this point, but Dwight Howard has reportedly had “Think About It” in constant rotation as he debates whether or not he will stay in Orlando. The perfect song to punch someone’s teeth out/get your teeth punched out to, this track is but a single offering from what is sure to be one of the most talked-about mixes of the year. Stay tuned for more from the Doxside crew, and look out for Dare Iz A Doxside Vol. 2 at on March 5, 2012.

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Bandcamp’s Best: Week 2/6

by Travis on February 9, 2012

  Dirty Hank & ReasonThe Monty Brogan EP
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The newest EP from Reason and Dirty Hank comes in the form of The Monty Brogan EP. The duo is          part of the Poorly Drawn People collective, who have been regulars of WYDU/Bloggerhouse, so to say I have been looking forward to this one is an understatement.  What you are going to get with The Monty Brogan EP is humor, shenanigans, drinking, and raunchy tom foolery. It’s nice to have some humor in hip hop for a change as we don’t get to experience much of  that these days of no sense of humor having emcees. That’s not the case with Hank and Reason. Beat wise, it’s the same usual suspects that have shown up on Dirty Hank’s projects in the past, with Falside handling the production duties on seven of the tracks and Mad Plaid gracing two tracks. If you are diggin’ Reason and Hank’s past contributions, you are going to be feeling this.


Whygee – I Need $
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My “other” hometown of Denver Colorado is home to a lot of talented DJs, Kid Hum, DJ Low Key, DJ Chonz, just to name a few. They somewhat over shadow the vocal talent found in the Mile High state, but one emcee that has always been on my radar and my favorite rhyme spitter is Whygee and dammit, Whygee needs money. Okay, that’s what the album is called, I Need $, and it’s filled with Whygee rhyming over producer Qknox’s lush beats. The two artists bring out the best in each other, with Whygee bringing a gravel like voice reminiscent of Fatlip while Qknox brings a rather unique, yet somewhat familiar sound. Together, they bring a solid release that is worth throwing a few a Benjamin Franklin or two at. .


MOEdavey & Melodious Mike – MOElodious
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I knew what to expect from the previously mentioned project in this week’s Bandcamp’s Best, but MOElodious was one of those unknown submissions we receive that we knew nothing about. Eight times out of ten, they fail miserably, but UK native producer MOEdavey and New Jersey resident rhymer Melodious Mike submitted a pleasant surprise. I know next to nothing about the duo, but don’t let that detour from hearing a very solid project. Pointing out standout tracks would be hard, because the beauty of this project is the cohesive sound and just the overall vibe brought to the table. MOEdavey is a talented cat on the boards and he adds the backbone to the laid back rhymes from Mike. I love finding surprises like this from time to time and to be honest, it’s projects like this that keep me checking the ol’ inbox.

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Speaking of Rozewood, I’ve been meanin’ to review dude’s recent LP, “Neon Paradise” (available now on the Digi Crates imprint) but I just haven’t had the time to just yet. After a few listens to the LP, I must say I’m very impressed. Here’s one of the LP’s stronger cuts, “God’s Grain” which also features the lyrical musings of Hus, 1/2 of Bloggerhouse favs, tha Connection. Hit the skip for audio…

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Gensu Dean – Forever f. Large Professor

by Eric on February 2, 2012

Lemme’ preface this post by stating that Gensu Dean’s “Forever” featuring the one and only Large Professor is freakin’ amazing! It’s also the first track that appeared on Dean’s “Jointz” mixtape which dropped last week, which I had the pleasure of listening to yesterday afternoon while folding, what seemed like, 8 weeks worth of laundry.  ”Forever” is pure, uncut, rawness, 1994 flavor that is fresh for 2012.  Hit the skip to peep one of the best tracks that you’ll hear in 2012, no doubt….

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Review: Sean Born – Behind The Scale

by Eric on January 30, 2012

Sean Born – “Behind The Scale”

Release Date: Feb. 14, 2012 (Mello Music Group)

“Pour Out Liquor”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Well, plain and simple, I haven’t listened to much recent Hip Hop in 2011 thus far.  However, early last week the advance of Sean Born’s “Behind The Scale” arrived in my mailbox (thanks again Mello Music Group!) and I was prompted to finally open my ears to what’s forthcoming in 2012.  With that being said, I can honestly say that I don’t even need to listen to much else and I’m confident in saying that Sean Born’s solo debut “Behind The Scale” will be one of the better album’s released in the first quarter of 2012, if not one of the better releases you’ll enjoy this year.  Described as “A gritty 90′s style album for those who grew up on “Illmatic”, “Midnight Marauders”, “Only Built for Cuban Linx”, “Moment of Truth”, and “Ready to Die”. “Behind The Scale” shows the other side of what some are glamorizing about street life and drug trade. This is unfiltered, real sh*t on tape”.  It’s hard not to argue the sentiment of Sean Born’s publicist.  They always say that the artist’s first album is always his best, and it’s hard to imagine Sean Born topping the effort and emotion contained in “Behind The Scale”.

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