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Hurricane G- All Woman
H.O.L.A. Recordings 1997
1. Intro
2. All The Way Live
3. Underground Locdown
4. Roc U
5. Somebody Else
6. El Barrio (Spanish)
7. Mama
8. Wuteva
9. Boriqua Mami
10. Coast To Coast
11. G, Toya & Nini
12. No Love
13. Neva Give Up
14. De Corazon
15. Outro
16. Bonus Track 1
17. Bonus Track 2

Yo yo Redman! Man what the FUCK man?
Get the FUCK off that.. punk smoov shit man!
Get with that ROUGH shit man, you know how we do!

Hurricane G – 1992′s Tonights Da Night

That was the Hip Hop nation’s introduction to the fiesty Puerto Rican mami that would go on to become a sort of “Fifth Beatle” in the Def Squad. She would appear on several Hit Squad/Def Squad afflilated projects, from Redman’s “Tonight’s Da Night” & “We Run N.Y.” to Keith Murray’s “Bom Bom Zee“, which she always seemed to come the rawest and gave her best performances. She’s also appeared on tracks with everyone from Smif N Wesson to Xzibit.

Around the mid 90′s she disappeared from the Squad. Rumors of her being E Double’s baby’s mama might have had something to do with this. She reportedly had an album deal with Capitol in the early/mid 90′s, but was a victim of a in house cleaning session resulting in G’ to be dropped around 94′. In 97′, she popped up back on the scene on the NYC independent H.O.L.A. (Home Of Latin Artists) and dropped All Woman to a rather lukewarm reception.

I was a rather big fan of the whole Hit Squad/Def Squad sound, as I mentioned in the previous “Knucklehedz” post, so when I saw this in a local record shop right when it came out, I immediately bought the album. Now, to say Hurricane G has an unique voice is an understatement. I must admit I was rather disappointed when I got the CD home and read through the linear notes and didn’t see one Erick Sermon beat. New York producer Domingo, if I remember right, produced most of the album (I have since lost the album, only to have found it online not too long ago).

Needless to say, G’ has always had a unique voice. I’ve always personally liked it, but it can be a little grating on a full album. I can’t say this is a great album. Can’t even really say it’s a good album. There are some good songs (Wuteva, Coast To Coast and a even some of the spanish only songs sound pretty good), but some of the songs are too syruppy. I don’t know if this because the head of the label was an early supporter of Madonna back in the day, or if they were trying to make G’ into she was not, but some songs just don’t fit her. The production also lacks in some areas.

I’m not sure what Hurricane G has been up to since this release. Every now and then she pops up on a release, most recently Tony Touch’s The Piece Maker 2 in 2004.


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WYDU Classics VOL 8, Aug 06'

by Travis on August 5, 2006

It’s the first of the month, and that means it’s time for another edition of WYDU’s classics. For those new visitors to our site, I’ll explain again what exactly that means. From my early days of getting into music, I’ve always made “mixtapes” of sorts for my own listening pleasure. Not really mixed together in the traditional sorts, but I’d try to combine stuff with the ol’ pause button mix. You older cats know where I’m coming from. I was always the one around the way to make tapes for friends because I was the one usually that had all the rare stuff, the remixes, the b-sides ect and most any major album that came out. And I enjoyed making tapes for friends. I’d always have a mix of known stuff then some stuff that the person I was making the tape for wasn’t familar with, introduce them to something new. I still have boxes full of tapes I made. Greatest Hits tapes, monthly tapes, best of certain years…all kinds of tapes.

When the computer and CD burner came into the picture, that was even better, in a sense. I couldn’t record over CD’s but it was quicker to make a compilation. I usually make monthly CD’s of newer tracks and stuff for myself to listen to. Well around the beginning of the year I was inspired by some of the stuff popping up on the Cocaine Blunts boards. People have been putting up their own made compilations. These include obscure tracks, remixes, b-sides, all the good stuff that peaks my interest. Stuff like the Lost and Found compilations, “Run Da Jewelz” series by my man Jaz and the Jason Gloss Chronicles from Lot’s of good stuff on these.

This all got me thinking. As good as these are, I wanted something for myself. Stuff that that was my shit back in the day. So I threw together a disk of tracks that got me going back in the day. For the past year or so, I’ve been more into the past than the present when it comes to Hip-Hop, so might as well have some stuff for me to listen to on the regular. I started making these January of this year. Then I made one for Febuary. From there, once a month, I’d make a new one. Needless to say, I got off on this type of thing. I figured I might as well share with the readers of this blog, and they seemed to go over pretty good orginally.As I said, these aren’t “mixed” in any sense. I’d like to be able to mix them together right, either using a real DJ or some fancy mixing program for the computer, but I don’t have access to either at this point in time. They’re also were made with my own personal tastes basically in mind. It’s stuff that I liked back in the day. Thanks to the net and most noteably, Cocaine Blunts, I’ve been re-acquiring alot of stuff that I loved back in the day, but lost. So most of these are kind more of the obscure type things (although not neccesarily rare or hard to find in an internet hip hop geek sort of way that I’ve found myself becoming). I have heard “Rebel Without A Pause” so many times in my life, I see no need to include it on these compilations. Instead, I’ve included stuff that isn’t as popular by the masses, but made some sort of impact on me.

With that being said, here’s the August edition of WYDU Classics, VOL 8

1. Back From Hell (remix) – Run DMC feat Ice Cube & Chuck D
2. Frankenstien’s Pain – Frankenstien
3. The Band Gets Swivey On The Wheels – Son Of Bazerk
4. Check The Elevation – Tony D
5. Jayou – Jurassic 5
6. Illusions – Cypress Hill
7. One Eight Seven (Deep Cover 2) – Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
8. Drive By Miss Daisy – Compton’s Most Wanted
9. Westside Slaughtahouse – Mack 10 feat Ice Cube & W.C.
10. Comin’ Like This – 2nd II None feat DJ Quik, Hi-C, & AMG
11. Afro Puffs (extended version) – Lady Of Rage feat Snoop Dogg
12. The Renaissance – Amad Jamal
13. Tekzilla – Common
14. Logistics 101 – Louis Logic
15. Rush Ya Clique – The Outsidaz feat Eminem
16. Pardon Me- Dres
17. The Orginators- The Jaz feat Jay-Z
18. Ain’t Nuthin To It – K9 Posse

1. Back From Hell (remix)Run DMC feat Ice Cube & Chuck D ( B-side to Faces Single, Released in 91′, also on the Back From Hell LP)
I was happy to finally find this little gem after having it on the maxi-single back in the day. Hard drums, a pissed of Ice Cube and Chuck D in his hey day. Of course, Run DMC always holds a special place in my heart for being the reason I got into hip hop.

2. Frankenstein’s Pain- Frankenstein ( A-Side single b/w Peace & Quiet that dropped in 95)
If you’ve been reading since these first dropped, you will know I’m a big Frankenstein fan. This is the third song of his I’ve dropped on these since I’ve started. Just great production and something about his songs just grab me. Also appeared on a few other bootleg type projects, which I need to get around one of these days and post it up.

3. The Band Get’s Swivey On The Wheels- Son Of Bazerk ( Appeared on the “Bazerk, Bazerk, Bazerk” album in 1991)
Another personal favorite. I’ve always been a sucka for Bomb Squad production and this was no different. Pure un-adulterated noise.

4. Check The Elevation- Tony D (dropped as a single in 91′ and was on the “Droppin’ Funky Beats” LP from the same year)
I hated this dude when I was a kid, just because I was a huge 3rd Bass fan, and the group and Tony had beef back in the day. Looking back at it, now, I realized I liked the song, but just didn’t want to admit it. A over looked producer in the game for sure.

5. JayouJurassic 5 (Was a single in 98′ but first showed up on the 97 s/t EP)
This was the first time I ever heard Jurassic 5, and it was actually on the Lyrcist Lounge album. Needless to say, I went out and bought the EP. Just classic oldschool shit, and I don’t mean the late 80′s I’m talking Cold Crush, ect

6. Illusions- Cypress Hill (dropped as a single in 96′, off the 95′ LP “Temples Of Boom”)
Not sure what it is about this song, but I’ve always loved it. Maybe it’s because I was in a dark place in my life when this album dropped, but it’s always been one of my favorite Cypress joints

7. One Eight SevenDr. Dre & Snoop Dogg (was a b-side for the “Dre Day” EP, tape only in 92′)
This is the sequal to the orginal “Deep Cover”, same beats, same chorus, just different lyrics

8. Drive-By Miss DaisyCompton’s Most Wanted (on the 91′ album “Straight Checkn’ Em)
This dropped during my west coast gangsta fascination period. Some straight gangsta lyrics

9. Westcoast Slaughterhouse- Mack 10 feat Ice Cube & W.C. (appeared on Mack 10′s debut s/t album)
Although it seemed they were taking shots at my favorite MC, Masta Ace (although they never mention him and I can’t detect any subliminals), this joint was just hard as fuck to me. They did take shots and Common and kind of started that little war that lead to Common getting all up Cube’s ass.

10. Comin’ Like This- 2nd II None feat DJ Quik, Hi-C, AMG (featured on 2nd II None’s S/T 91′ album)
The 304′s, I wished they would have done a whole album together. Every members album, they always did a posse track, and they were always fuckin’ tight

11. Afro Puffs (extended version) - Lady Of Rage feat Snoop Dogg (dropped as a single in 94′ on the Above The Rim OST)
I don’t really know much about where this version came from, which is basically the same from what I remember except an added verse from Snoop and Dre dropping some commentary. I haven’t the orginal forever since I lost my Above The Rim OST a while ago, so might not be right on everything.

12. The RenassianceAmad Jamal (12″ single dropped in 01′ with three other songs)
I know very little about this guy except he dropped a couple singles in 01′ and seemed to be tight with Evidence of Dialted and that clan. This song was produced by Joey Chavez who is also associated to them. I think I bumped into this in the old Audio Galaxy days. It’s atight song, I wish he would have dropped more

13. Tekzilla- Common (unrelesed single that appeared as a white label around 00′)
As far as I know, this was a joint that was supposed to be on Hi-Tek’s album, but couldn’t be cleared because of sample issues. Tight ass beat, probably my all-time favorite Hi-Tek beat. My copy is scratched to hell, so excuse the skips

14.Logistics 101- Louis Logic (appeared as a three song single with Planet Rock & Punchline in 98′)
I’ve always been a big Louis Logic fan as well. This is, I think, his first single. Pure lyrics, kind of reminescent of early Eminem

15. Rush Ya Clique- Outsidaz feat Eminem (on the “Night Life” EP from 99)
Speaking of early Eminem, here is a spot of him on the Outsidaz track. Some rare hard NY shit from 99′

16. Pardon Me- Dres (dropped as a 12″ in 98, then appeared on his solo debut “Sure Shot Redemption” in 99′)
Being a big Black Sheep fan, I had to buy this when it dropped. This is the best song on the album, but some nice boom bap

17. The Orginators- The Jaz feat Jay-Z (Single from the “To Your Soul” album from 90′)
Early Jay-Z and the EXTREMELLY underrated The Jaz. This is a classic that I never heard nearly enough.

18. Ain’t Nothin’ To It- K9 Posse (Groups debut single that dropped in 88′ then followed by the s/t album)
Call this one of my guilty pleasures. One of my orginal wave of hip hop purchases after seeing it on YoMTV Raps.

For those of you that are new, here is a list and links for what you have missed

WYDU Classics Vol. 7 July 06′

1. Public Enemy – Get The F— Outta Dodge (Escapism 1991) B-side to “Can’t Do Nuthin’ For You Man”- 1991
2. 3rd Bass- 3 Strikes 5000 appeared on “Cactus Album Revisted”- 1990
3. UMC’s- Blue Cheese12″ dropped in 1991 also on “Fruits Of Nature” LP – 1991
4. Nine- Lyin King12″ dropped in 1996 and was on the “Cloud Nine LP- 1996
5. Large Professor- The Mad Scientist:12″ dropped in 1996. Was supposed to be on “The LP” that Geffen never released- 1996
6. Krumbsnatcha- Closer To God – 1997
7. 3rd Eye/ The Group Home- Ease Up :On “Who’s The Man” OST – 1993
8. Digital Underground- Return Of The Crazy One :12″ dropped in 93; From the LP “The Body Hat Syndrome- 1993
9. Rodney O & Joe Cooley- Get Ready To Roll :12″ dropped in 1991; On The “Get Ready To Roll” LP- 1991
10. No Face- Half :12″ dropped in 1990; On the “Wake Your Daughter Up” LP- 1990
11. Poison Clan- 2 Low Life Mutha’s :On “2 Low Life Mutha’s” LP- 1990

12. Chino XL- No Complex :12″ dropped in 96; on the “Here To Save You All” LP- 1996
13. Rasco- The Unassistated :12″ dropped in 97; appeared on “Time Waits For No Man” LP- 1998
14. Casual- That’s How It Is:12″ dropped in 93′; LP “Fear Itself”- 1994
15. Pharcyde- Pandemonium : Apperead on the “Street Fighter” OST- 1995?
16. De La Soul- Ego Trip 3 : B-side to Ego Trippin 2 -1993
17. Wrecks N Effect- New Jack Swing : 12″ dropped in 89; S/T album- 1989
18. Young Black Teenagers- Tap The Bottle : LP “Dead End Kidz Doin’ Life Time Bids”-1993
19. Fat Boys- Crushin’: On
the “Crushin’” LP – 1987

  • WYDU classics vol. 6 the tracklist!
  • track 11 mp3
    01. Pep Love, Q-tip & Del – Undisputed Champions
  • 02. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Remix)
  • 03. Audio Two – Watcha Looking At
  • 04. Heavy D – Blue Funk
  • 05. Dred Scott – Back in the Days
  • 06. Dru Down – Pimp of the Year
  • 07. D Nice – 25 Ta Life
  • 08. King Tee – Can it be Real
  • 09. Word O’ Mouth – Famous Last Words
  • 10. Bushwick Bill – Ever so Clear
  • 11. Blahzay Blahzay – Danger Pt. 2
  • 12. Organized Konfusion – Stress
  • 13. Brand Nubian – Lump Lump (Nubian Remix)
  • 14. Ill Biskits – Chill Factor
  • 15. Grand Puba – I Like It (Remix)
  • 16. Heather B – All Glocks Down
  • 17. Masta Ace – Music Man
  • 18. Yaggfu Front ft. Diamond D – Slappin’ Suckas Silly (Remix)

1. Kool G Rap- 4,56
2. DJ Honda feat Al’Tariq, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, Problemz- Out For The Cash
3. The Dwellas- Leakage
4. The Artifacts- C’mon Wit Da Git Down
5. Tragedy feat Extra P & Havoc- Funk Mode (Extra P Remix)
6. Yaggfu Front Feat Diamond D- Slappin Suckas Silly (Diamond D Remix)
7. The Alkaholiks feat Likwit Crew (Phil Da Agony, Xzibit, Snagglepuss- No Handouts
8. Schoolly D – Livin In The Jungle
9. Live Squad- Heartless
10. Kid Sensation- I S.P.I.T (remix)
11. MC A.D.E- Sex, Crime, Drugs
12. MC Ren feat Kam- Shock Of The Hour
13. Celly Cel – Heat 4 Yo Azz
14. Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E- Pysko Funk
15. Low Profile- Funky Song
16. Donald D- F.B.I.
17. Dance Floor- Raheem
18. Without Warning- PHD
19. Rhythm Is The Master- DJ Chuck Chillout and Kool Chip

1. Girls I Got Em’ Locked- Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rudd
2. You Can’t Do Me None- Black Rock & Ron
3. Funky For You- Nice N Smooth
4. Quiet Storm- Frankenstein
5. Whatcha Want- Nine
6. Paparazzi- Xzibit
7. PDK- THreat
8. Punk Shit- Hi-C
9. Be True To Yourself- 2nd II None
10. Sounds Of The Underground- Digital Underground
11. Bad Young Brother- Derek B
12. Frankly Speaking- Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Comitte
13. Ain’t To Be Fucked WIth- MC Breed
14. Paybck II- Erick Sermon feat Joe Sinister
15. Wanna Be Dancin’- Terminator X
16. Gangsta Bitch- Apache
17. 4 My Peeps – Red Hot Lover Tone
18. Shown Prove- Big Daddy Kane & Others
19. Fuck Everyone- Everlast

VOL 3.

1. Three Times Dope- The Greatest Man Alive
2. Stezo – It’s My Turn
3. Milk- Get Off My Log Feat Big V
4. Black Sheep- Without A Doubt
5. A.D.O.R – Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock Remix
6. E-Rule- Listen Up
7. The Nonce- Mixtapes
8. Souls Of Mischief- Cabfare
9. Cru- Blunts and Bakakeemis feat Antoinette, Tracey Lee, and Jim Hydro
10. Das EFX- Real Hip-Hop (Pete Rock Remix)
11. Poor Righteous Teachers- Rock Dis Funky Joint
12. Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi) – Arrest The President
13. Just-Ice- Going Way Back
14. Akinyele & R.A. The Rugged Man- What The Fuck
15. Smoothe Da Hustler feat Trigga Tha Gambler- Broken Language
16. Money Boss Players- What U Sayin
17. Mobstyle- Mobstyle
18. The Flavor Unit MC’s (Extended Version)- Roll Wit Da Flava
19. King Tee feat Ice Cube & M.C. Breeze- Played Like A Piano

Vol 2 (Feb 06)

  • 1. Son Of Bazerk- Change The Style
  • 2. Das EFX- Hard Like A Criminal
  • 3. Shadz Of Lingo feat Erick Sermon- Mad Flavaz
  • 4. MC Pooh- Funky As I Wanna Be
  • 5. Penthouse Players Clique feat Eazy E & DJ Quik- P.S. Phuck U 2
  • 6. DJ Quik feat KK- Can’t F— Wit A N—a
  • 7. The Afro’s- Feelin It
  • 8. YZ- Thinking Of A Master Plan
  • 9. Nat The Cat- While You’ve Been Waiting
  • 10. Royal Flush- Worldwide
  • 11. C.P.O. feat MC Ren- Ballad Of A Menace
  • 12. Sir Mix-A-Lot feat E Dawg- Can’t Slip
  • 13. Special Ed- Neva Go Back
  • 14. Trendz Of Culture- F&#% What Ya Heard
  • 15. Top Quality- Tales From Uptown
  • 16. Groove B Chill- Hip Hop Music
  • 17. Greyson & Jasun feat Slick Rick- Get Bizzy
  • 18. Freshco & DJ Miz- We Don’t Play
  • 19. Dismasters- Small Time Husters
  • 20. L.A. Dream Team- Dream Team’s In The House


1. 6 Million Ways To Die- Funk Master Flex feat 9 Double M (Nine) and Tragedy: released in 93′ on a 12″
2. Nuttin’ But Flavor- Funkmaster Flex w/ The Ghetto Celebs (Charlie Brown, Old Dirty Bastard & Biz Markie): released in 95′ on a 12″
3. Droppin’ It- Bizzie Boys: released as 12″ in 90 and also apperead on the mystery album that I can’t find much info on
4. Can I Get Open- Orginal Flavor feat Jay-Z: Released in 93′ and also appeared on the “Beyond Flavor” LP
5. L.A. Posse- Breeze: Released in 89′ and was on the “The Young Son Of No One” LP
6. She’s Got A Big Posse- Arabian Prince: Released in 89′ and was on the “Brother Arab” LP
7. Drums Of Steel- 7A3: Released in 88′ and was on the “Coolin’ In Cali” LP
8. Southern Comfort- Down South: dropped in 94′ and was on the “Lost In Brooklyn” LP
9. Feel The Flava- Mad Flava: dropped in 93′ and on the LP “From Tha Ground Unda” (anyone has the Eric Sadler remixes, hit me up!!!!!)
10. The May 4th Movement- Digable Planets: From the LP “Blowout Comb” released in 94′
11. The Rain Is Gone- Frankenstien: Dropped in 96′ on a 12″
12. Up In The Mountains- 2 Black 2 Strong MMG: dropped in 91′ on the album “Doin’ Hard Time On Planet Earth”
13. Raida’s Theme (remix)- The X-ecutioners feat Wayne-O from E-Bros: 12″ single dropped in 98′
14. Unsolved Mysterme- Mysterme & DJ 20/20: dropped in 92′ and was on the “Let Me Explain” LP
15. Toss It Up- Zhigge: Released in 91 or 92 and was on their self titled album
16. Oh What A Night- Diamond Shell feat Biz Markie: From the 91′ album “The Grand Imperial”
17. Glamorous Life- Cool C: dropped in 89′ on the “I Gotta Habit” album

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Two For One Friday…..Once Again, It's On

by Travis on August 4, 2006


Another week gone by, another week in the books. It’s Friday once again and that means it’s time for one of our “Two For One Friday” posts. I, for one, am happy this damn week is over, but unfortunately, my ass is broke (too many hookers and too much crack) so it’s going to be a exciting weekend of……well….nothing really. Being broke is a bitch. Enough of my problems, today, we have an OOP album from a female duo from the late 80′s. We also have a demo from one of my personal favorite westcoast MC’s. Also, for the hell of it, you once again get not one, not two, but THREE albums for the price of one. So let’s kick this shit off…….

Finesse & SynquisSoul Sisters (MCA Uptown, 1988)

1. Soul Sisters (3:45) 2. We Can Do This (4:15) 3. Strictly For Business (3:05) 4. I’ll Be There (3:53) 5. Soft But Deadly (3:36) 6. I Can Do Better (4:20) 7. Fatal Beauty (4:04) 8. A Jam Ain’t A Jam (4:25)

We start off with part three in our “Forgotten Ladies Of Hip Hop” series, and this duo has definetely been forgotten over the years. In all honesty, when this album dropped, it probably exemplified everything I disliked about female MC’s at that time. They had a vibe and image similar to “Salt N Pepa”, the dapper dan outfits, trading verses and words on point , the corny dance steps, yet they set themselves apart from the other duo’s out there. They came off harder.

If Salt N Pepa were the people’s champ, then Finesse & Synquis were the B-Boy’s champ. This album had damn good beats for one. I’m not saying Hurby Luv Bug, who did most of Salt N Pepa’s production was wack, but he was no Ced Gee who did half of the “Soul Sisters” album for Finesse and Synquis. Keep in mind, that this album dropped in 88′ when Ced Gee was THE man in the hip hop production game. Ced was responsible for Ultramagnetic’s “Critical Beatdown” and the well known ghost producer for BDP’s “Criminal Minded”. R&B producer Kyle West also contibutes three tracks, the lead single “Soul Sisters” was produced by West and it came off funky. This was another thing that set them apart from the ultimate girl group of that era, they were a bit rougher with a harder edge. They were still fairly straight lace (I can’t recall any cursing on the album), but their deliveries were harder and their voices not quite the high pitch of Salt N Pepa.

As far as I can tell, they split after releasing only this album (although I could have sworn there was a sophomore release, I can only find info on this one). Finesse would show up in the late 90′s in the only female group associated with the Wu-Tang as “Deadly Venoms” with N-Tyce, Champ MC and J-Boo who had two unreleased albums with major labels and a smaller, hard to find independent album early in 00′s. This album is worth grabbing just for the four Ced Gee tracks, which are great late 80′s vintage Ced Gee beats.

Ras Kass- Soul On Ice (Demo Version 1995)

(Warning: sound quality is lacking)

  • Track Listing:
    1. Everything I Love
  • 2. Core Audience
  • 3. High IQ
  • 4. Won’t Catch me Running
  • 5. Capital R-A-S
  • 6. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
  • 7. Interlude
  • 8. Take A Deep Breath
  • 9. Remain Anonymous
  • 10. Take A Deep Breath (remix)
  • 11. Walk The Walk

When you talk about the offical release of “Soul On Ice“, the lack of quality of production is usually brought up somewhere in the conversation. Likewise, the quality of lyrics and the scathing social commentary is almost always brought up as well. When taking a listen to this demo version of “Soul On Ice”, in it’s orginal carnation, one must wonder what could have been.

The demo version (if that what it truly is) features a less polished MC in Ras, but a unpolished Ras is still better than 90% of the MC’s out there. It also features beats that are better than what is heard on the final version. Information on who exactly are the producers is sketchy at less, but it seems to be the same two producers who are featured on the majority of the production on the final version, fellow Western Hemisphere memebers, Bird and Voodoo. This version is dark in nature much like it’s final version, but the beats are more layred but with a fuller, harder sound.

Lyrically, Rassy still can bring it on the mic, which he does on this version. Yet, he just doesn’t seem as sharp as what was heard on the later product. “Remain Anonymous” and “Won’t Catch Me Runnin’” eventually did leak their way out in the public, so if you have heard those, it’s a glimpse of what to expect on this.

As far as I can tell, most of these songs were scrapped for a variety of reasons. Sample clearance issues, label drama (damn, even back then) and inner beefs with his Western Hemisphere crew lead to most of these cuts getting scrapped. While it’s not the potential “breakout” album Ras has been missing, it’s still fun to hear some of the stuff that didn’t make the final cut and some of that is unfortunate.

Freebie Of The Day: Anotha Level- On Anotha Level (Priority, 1994)
This was one of those albums that I wanted to buy when it orginally dropped, but for whatever reason, I never did. Finally got a chance to cop it this past year. Not bad, but not great. Worth the listen though. What other album are you going to have both Ice Cube and Pharcyde guest appear on?

Anyway, I’m not going to speak much on it, because I don’t know that much about it. Someone requested it so I figured I’d share with the rest of you.

That’s all for this friday…may all your beers be cold and your women be hot


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Here at WYDU, we’re all about value for money. After all, spending all your paycheck on crack and hookers doesn’t leave a lot of loot for copping music. That’s why over the next couple months I’ll be hitting you off with reviews for some overlooked joints that can be yours for a mere cent (plus postage). First up: Mic Geronimo’s sophomore jinx Vendetta…

Back in 1995, Mic Geronimo’s debut ‘The Natural’ divided the critics. Some dismissed MG as a pale imitation of Nas, while others were won over by his silky-smooth flow and the album’s head-nodding production provided by Buckwild, Da Beatminerz, Mark Sparks and, ahem, Irv Gotti (or DJ Irv as he was known back then). The record made noise in the underground but was a commercial failure, so Mic and mentor Irv went back to the lab to create a more radio-friendly sophomore: 1997’s Vendetta.

On the surface, the album would appear to be a blatant attempt at crossover success. Witness Mic rapping over syrupy love ballads (‘How You Been’ and ‘Single Life’), recycling obvious loops from yesteryear’s hits (‘Street Life’) and even dancing around in shiny suits with the king of 1997 jigginess Puff Daddy (the album’s lead single ‘Nuthin’ Move But The Money’). But in spite of all this (or maybe even because of it) this album is a long-time guilty pleasure of mine.

Although Mic Geronimo definitely ain’t saying nothing new, preferring to stick to standard materialism / boasting / hustling themes, there’s no doubting he does it better than most, coupled with one of the best flows in the business. This is heard to fine effect on the title track ‘Vendetta’ where Mic drops an intricate rapid-fire rhyme scheme over Traxster’s suitably dramacidal production.

The album’s best moments are the more reflective, universally-appealing tracks such as ‘Things Ain’t What They Used To Be’ and ‘For The Family’. On the latter, the seriously underrated K-Def (of Real Live and Lords of the Underground fame) blesses Mic with one of his trademark orchestral bangers, perfectly suited to the rapper’s vocal tone and delivery. The always-reliable Pete Rock drops by to lace another of Vendetta’s highlights, ‘Unstoppable’, which will have backpackers and gat-packers alike bobbing their heads in unison.

As for the rest of the album, well I like it a lot, but it’s probably a bit too heavy on the R&B loops for the average visitor to this site. Still for a cent its pretty good value for your hard earned spare change. On an interesting side note, nearly everyone who appeared on this album (DMX, Ja Rule, The Lox, Jay Z etc) subsequently blew up big-time. Well, except Mic Geronimo of course. After this album flopped, Irv Gotti ditched Mic, put his money with Ja ‘Murder Murder’ Rule and the rest, as they say, is history. Mic disappeared for a few years, came back with the poorly received (and barely released) Long Road Back in 2003 and hasn’t been seen since. Edit: Word is Mic is gonna drop his fourth album on September 14 this year to coincide with his birthday.

Four pairs of shiny panties out of five.

Mic Geronimo – For the Family

Buy it Here for a Cent!

By Polarity

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The Post Just To Post Post

by Travis on August 1, 2006

Lately, I’ve been having to upload my albums at work while dealing with dial up at home. It sucks, but it works. I usually only have the time to upload enough albums to last me a week and post them as I go. Well today I hd some time, but no computer with a burner that would work, so I was going to do part 2 of the “Forgotten Ladies of Hip Hop” series. I got it all written up and now I can’t find the email with the link that I uploaded last week. Soooooooooooo…..We go to the back up plan.

Ill Biskits- Chronicle Of Two Losers

This was orginally supposed to be for the “Unreleased Gems” series, but since I saw another blog post it up not too long ago, I decided not to post it. But of course I did still have this link.

Anyway, after wasting a lot of time writing the the linkless post, I don’t have the time to spend on this one that I would like.

I hate to do this, but this is from the Holy Vinyl Addicts site so all credit for this little write up goes to Smoov and the gang…

This is another record many heads out there are after, not in the last place due to the fact that the Funky Man himself, Lord Finesse, produced one of their joints. If you’re lookin’ for more information about these cats, this is not the place. I’ve searched the web for about an hour, but came up with nothing. It’s just like the crew never existed…Well anyway, here’s what I do know. Ill Biskits is a two man crew, most likely from NYC (even though I’ve been told that they might be from Virginia), and they released two singles back in 1996 on Atlantic Recordings Corp, “Chill factor” and “God bless your life” (the last one was promo-only). A full length album titled “Chronicle of two losers” was supposed to follow, but to my knowledge this was never officially released. I did find a small picture on the web though which appears to be the front cover of their album, so who knows, maybe a few copies did hit the streets. Like many unreleased albums it somehow did get ripped by one of the many mp3 squads out there, so luckily I did get a chance to check out the album. And it’s nice, very nice…

I do agree with Smoov, this is a very good album and some classic Lord Finesse production. It’s worth checking out

Sorry for the generic ass post, but I want to keep the goodies coming, so wanted to at least drop a post…


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Two For One Friday: Thank God It's…..

by Travis on July 28, 2006

It’s friday, and you know what that means. Not just happy hour after work and getting your drink on, it’s time for WYDU’s Two for One Friday. I’m not really happy with what I have to offer, so it might just turn into three for one, just to make up for the potential lameness this post has the potential to turn into. Got to give the fans their money’s worth. Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder- Jeanius (2004)

1. Intro

2. B.N.K

3. Don’t Rush Me

4. Please Forgive Me

5. The Place Is Here

6. He’s My Man

7. Think About Me

8. Non Sense

9. The Game

10. Until

11. So High

12. 2nd Chance

The first offering for today is something not terribly rare or terribly obscure, or even that old for that matter, but it fits nicely into a transitition from our “Unreleased Gems” series to our “Forgotten Ladies Of Hip Hop” series, although Jean Grae is definately not forgotten, but maybe her orginal name of “What What” when she was with Natural Resource during the end of the 90′s is forgotten. Yeah, sure I’m reaching here, but it works.

If you are into Jean’s music or 9th’s beats, you probably have this by now, or you should have it. If you were late on catching onto this, this is your chance. As far as the current crop of female MC’s, Jean Grae stands out easily above the rest in my opinion.

This album was reportedly recorded in a week while she was in N.C. hooking up with Ninth. It leaked fairly quickly and has never been properly released, although rumor has they have or are going to re-do some stuff and release it properly as “The Phoenix”. As far as quality of music, this is probably Jean’s best effort in my opinion as well as one of 9th’s best production attempts. Ninth has gotten some flack of late for being kind of stale and one dimensional, but this album, remembering it was recorded in 04′, showcases why 9th can be one of the better beatsmiths out there. The first handful tracks seem to stand out the most, especially “The Place Is Here” w/ Phonte of Little Brother and “Don’t Rush Me”. The album is worth checking out if you are a fan of either artist.

The First Priority Music Family : Basement Flavor (First Priority Music 1990)

1 Alliance -Get On Down (3:48) Producer – The King Of Chill

2 Audio Two- Many Styles (4:55) Producer – Audio Two

3 MC Lyte & Positive K- I’m Not Havin’ It (3:29) Producer – Audio Two

4 Michee Mee & LA Luv- Victory Is Calling (5:29) Featuring -MC Lyte Producer – Beat Factory

5 MC Lyte- Survival Of The Fittest (3:58) Producer -The King Of Chill

6 Positive K- Tramp (3:22) Featuring – Milk Dee Producer – Audio Two

7 Audio Two- Peer Pressure (4:06) Producer – Audio Two

8 Michie Mee & LA Luv- On This Mic (5:42) Producer – Beat Factory

9 Alliance- Kibbles And Bits (4:24) Producer – Alliance

10 Positive K- Impulse On Three (4:35) Featuring – Barsha Producer – Audio Two

11 Soulshock- Break The Limits (4:54) Featuring – See-Que Producer – Solid Productions

Next on the plate is something I would normally be pretty proud of sharing. One of my goals of doing this blog is to bring fairly fresh things that I haven’t seen much on the net. Now of course I can’t check everything that is on the net, but I just don’t like posting up something that someone has posted in the not long ago past. I’m stuck on computer w/ a non functioning cd-burner, so I’m left to upload something that I have on my computer, and it happens to be this fine little ditty. Someone (sorry, the person escapes me at this moment) uploaded this on the cocaine blunts boards a few weeks ago, but it’s defintely worthy of sharing with everyone else out there. (I give credit when credit is due, unlike some others out there)

For those not familar with The First Priority family, they were a loosely affliated collective of artists centered basically around the brother & sister duo of MC Lyte and Milk Dee of Audio Two, and their father, Nat Robinson, was in charge of the label at that time. The “Family” consisted of: MC Lyte, Audio Two (Gizmo and Milk Dee), Positive K, Michie Mee, Alliance, and probably a few others that I’m forgetting.

If you are familar with Audio Two’s earlier work, then the sound of this won’t be much of a suprise. It’s usually some bare bones production with a lot of bragidacio rhymes, which for this time period was some great stuff. It might sound a bit dated in these day and times, but if you were into that sound back then, this will transport you straight back days of a drum track and straight atcha lyrics.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Rare Tracks (Japanese Import, WEA International, 1990)

Since I feel like I kind of cheated you guys today, you get a freebie. This is something you can also probably find readily on albumbase (I had orginally found it on Soulseek a few years back), but I had on my computer, so it gets thrown into the mix today as well. It’s freaking Pete Rock and CL Smooth, how can they disappoint? What’s so special about this

There are actually some very good remixes on here. One of my deep dark secerts is I orginally was never that crazy about “Mecca & The Soul Brother”, but some of these remixes are better than the orginals, in my opinion. Enjoy!

1. Searching [Remix]

2. Take You There [Remix]

3. Lots of Lovin [Remix]

4. I Got a Love [Remix]

5. It’s Not a Game [Unavailable on LP-Vocal]

6. Mecca and the Soul Brother [Wig Out Mix]

7. Creator [EP Mix - Vocal]

8. Straighten It Out [Vocal Remix]

9. They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) [Vibes Mix]

10. Get on the Mic


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Knucklehedz – Strictly Savage (1993)

1. Hedrush
2. Savages
3 Wuntz Upon A Time
4. Party Wrecker
5. Uglee Picture
6. Girlies Keep Screamin
7. All She Wanted
8. Trouble Makas
9. 5 Hoods In A 4 Door
10. Who Called The Cops
11. Joy Ridin’
12. Merlin

It’s time for Part Five and final chapter (at least for now, I have more in the vault) in the “Unreleased Gems” series. Today we come with one of my favorite crews in the history of hip hop, the almighty Hit Squad (circa pre EPMD break-up). As even the most novice hip hop head knows, the Hit Squad consisted of : EPMD, Das EFX, Redman, K Solo, but what a lot of people don’t know there was a group of two white boys that repped the Hit Squad that never got their time in the spotlight, the Knucklehedz.

The Knucklehedz were from L.I. along with E Double and Pee and consisted of Tom J and Steve Austin. For some reason they didn’t appear on a lot of the earlier Hit Squad stuff, although it was rumored they were life long friends with Sermon. They first appeared in a small part in EPMD’s “Hit Squad Heist”, while Tom J also had a small part on K-Solo’s first album. They joined PMD’s “Shuma Managment” and got signed by East/West recordings….see where this is going? Yeah, like Omniscience, Supernatural and others, they never got the album released, and were eventually dropped by the label that has dropped more balls than a Denver Broncos wide reciever.

Musically, let’s just say the main thing you need to know about this album is production by Erick Sermon at the height of his career. Think of the first two Redman albums and Keith Murray’s first album and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some funk for the trunk that sounds funkier than three week old socks. I want to say that Soild Scheme (responisible for some of Das’ classics) also might have had a hand in a few of the tracks, although without any liner notes, that’s strictly guess work on my part. Lyrically, they basically sound like EPMD. Slow, methodical rhymes. They fit the tracks good, but are by no means lyrical geniuses. The album jumps off with “Hed Rush” which to me is the best track on the album. Some lazy horn riding a deep bassline. Some songs come off as stuff you’ve heard one too many times. By no means is the album a lost classic (like say the “Resident Alien” or the “Omniscience”) but if you were a fan of the early 90′s hip hop scene or better yet, the HIT SQUAD, you should definately check this album out.

On other notes, I added a few more links to our “Best Of the Best”, so be sure to check them out. That list is basically my own personal bookmark list, so it’s all good stuff, endorsed by me. I’m not putting up someones link unless its something I personally look at at least 2-3 times a week.

On the same note, miscreant productions have posted some INCREDIBLE source sample compilations of BOTH the Beastie Boys AND the great Public Enemy. The time that had be involved in putting togther not one, but two, complilations like this together had to be extensive (They put it together themselves). If you are into learning where those samples came from, this is the most extensive source for those two groups I’ve ever seen, so head over to the site and get with some Miscreant shit!

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Scientifik – Criminal (Definite, 1994)

by Staff on July 27, 2006

Considering that it’s just been legitimately re-released by Traffic Entertainment after ten years on the bootleg circuit, now seems like the perfect time for a retrospective review of the late Scientifik’s lone album Criminal. For those of you unfamiliar with the Bostonian rapper, he was one of Ed O.G.’s original B.U.L.L.D.O.G.S (that’s Black United Leaders Living Directly Off Grooving Sounds for you herbs). While Sci didn’t guest on Ed’s albums, he did appear on the album covers and videos and gradually pieced together a dope-ass demo (released on wax in 2001 as The Most Blunted for enthusiasts) which led to an album deal at Definite Records.

The resultant record, Criminal, is an almost-perfect time capsule of 1994 hardcore east coast hip hop. Scientifik’s rugged flow is matched with top-to-bottom dope production from Diamond and RZA (both fresh from working on Ed O.G.’s sophomore album Roxbury 02119), a then-unknown Buckwild, Rhythm Nigga Joe, Ed O.G. and Scientifik himself.

Maybe I’m just a Diamond junkie, but the two tracks produced by D-Square are without doubt the highlights of the album for me. ‘I Got Plans’ combines a hypnotic loop with Scientifik and Diamond schooling suckers on how dope they are, while ‘Yeah Daddy’ displays Scientifik’s slicker side as he boasts on the hook ‘Yeah daddy / Yeah daddy / Scientifik is the pimp without the Caddy’ over another sublime Dusty Fingers beat constructed from organ and horn chops.

Criminal is perhaps not the most thematically inventive record ever released, with subject matter sticking to tried and tested topics such as attacking fake gangsters (‘Overnite Gangsta’), drug dealing (‘Still An Herb Dealer’) and straight-up gulliness (‘Criminal’). In lesser hands, this material would get tired pretty quick. Fortunately, however, Scientifik frequently inflects his lyrics with a good dosage of humor that keeps standard wack-rapper dissing songs like ‘Fallen Star’ entertaining (‘Now how you think that you could do a tour around the world / When the only way the crowd yells HO is if they see your girl’). Scientifik’s refreshing approach to ideas that even in 1994 were becoming old-hat, coupled with the aforementioned production credentials, place the record squarely in classic album territory.

Unfortunately, the album was poorly promoted (it was never even released on CD (!)) and was not a success. In the years following the release of Criminal, Scientifik went on to drop an incredible verse on Big Shug’s ‘Official’ (alongside Ed O.G.) and also recorded an okay 12” ‘Lawtown 96 b/w Internal Affairs’ hampered by mediocre production on the UK label Proceed Records. Further material appeared on the No More Prisons compilation released by Raptivism. Tragically, the rapper died under mysterious circumstances in 1998.

In recent years, ‘that record with all the dope DITC production’ has enjoyed renewed interest from hip hop heads and has finally been officially re-released by the good people at Traffic. So whether you’ve been a fan since ’94 or you’re a latecomer, now is the perfect time to rediscover this forgotten gem.

Four and a half pairs of panties out of five.

Scientifik ft Diamond D – I Got Planz

Buy Here

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