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Roadium Mixtapes: Pt. 2

We have a new face on the blog. Brian will be joining us, adding a much needed west coast angle to our blog. We strive to bring rare, obscure, and irrevelant music from all aspects of the hip hop realm. We have both coasts coverd and the international scene now covered.

Brian is a large Dre fan and the lucky owner of the famous “Roadium mixtape series”. This is his first post and will be joining us full time once we get him set up, without further ado….please welcome Brian….


Dr. Dre is known for his driving bass line beats and his G-Funk Rhythms. For his days in N.W.A, rap’s first super group. And as one of the foremost producers in the hip hop game for almost 20 years. His influence has transcended almost a generation now. His string of hits is unmatched by many. Even some like Pharrell and Timbaland long to have the career Andre Young has had. Let’s visit some of the success he has had:

D.O.C. – No One Can Do It Better – Platinum

NWA and the Posse – Gold

NWA – Straight Outta Compton – Double Platinum

NWA – 100 Miles and Runnin – Platinum

NWA – efil4zaggin – Platinum

Eazy-E- Eazy Duz It – Double Platinum

The Chronic – Triple Platinum

2001 – 6 Times Platinum

Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang (Single) – Platinum

Dre Day (single) – Gold

Keep Their Heads Ringing (single) – Gold

Blackstreet – No Diggity (single) – Platinum

The Firm (album) – Gold ..

1 Billboard hit with Mary J Blige’s “Family Affair”

This list doesn’t even include all Dre’s successes with Eminem, Snoop & 50 Cent.

But all of his success there have been some lower times. His “Dr. Dre Presents….The Aftermath” album, lacked “The Chronic’s” succession of hits. Failing to meet sales expectations, this album almost brought Aftermath records before it began. He has been notoriously late on delivering albums. Rakim’s mysterious release from Dre’s label was followed up by Eve’s second term on Aftermath. And there has yet to be a release from her with over 2 years on her most recent term on the label.

Before Dre gained all his success in N.W.A he began Dj’ing in the street parties in Compton. Obviously Dre’s been able to expound on his knowledge he gained Dj’ing those parties. He went on to join the World Class Wrecking Crew with DJ Yella. Dre began his long career behind the boards here, having a minor success with ‘Turn Off The Lights’.

Dre has kept a low profile since his hey day with Death Row Records. With fans feenin for his next release, Dre has stayed for the most part, in seclusion. He has continued success with Eminem & 50 Cent, spinning them off in dual ventures on Interscope. Not to mention his protégé’s success, Scott Storch. Staying in the background the whole time. Now, Dre’s fan are just waiting for Detox, the long talked about, many rumored, often cancelled next album.

In recent years, some of Dre’s DJ’ing work has popped up. Exact origins of these tapes is a bit unknown. They are referred to as the Roadium Tapes for the Roadium Swap Meet. It is believed this is where they were widely available. Clearly Dre still had the DJ Bug after he began to have success in N.W.A.

Roadium Mix 1 & Dre SuperMix:


‘Dope Beat’:

‘U Got Ganked’:

There is a 5th Roadium Mix called ‘Jam’. If anyone has this could they please send the link??


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Summer session

by Staff on July 26, 2006

I got an idea while back… Since I’m going on vacation in two days I wanted to have a mix of classics which I could listen to in the afternoon surrounded with beer, BBQ and babes… This is what I came up with. It turned out so good that I had to share it with you. :) Tracklist speaks for itself, mellow moods through whole 37 minutes, straight chillin’. I know most of you have this tracks in your collection, but it’s all in the mix in this one…

Aim ft. QNC – The Force
Fugees – Avenues
De la Soul – Ring Ring Ring
Mellow Man Ace – Mentirosa
Kid Frost – La Raza
De la Soul – Say No Go
Naughty by Nature – Hip Hop Hooray
Gangstarr – Much To Much
Main Source – Fakin’ The Funk
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – T.R.O.Y.

This will be my last post before vacation, I’ll be back in two weeks with some new stuff. hope you’ll enjoy the tape and see you than. I’m out.


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On the strength of the popularity of Public Enemy and BDP, the late 80’s and early 90’s saw a sudden abundance of artists categorised by the media as ‘pro-Black’, ‘political’ and ‘conscious’ hip hop. X-Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, YZ, Lakim Shabazz etc all achieved critical and commercial success (however fleeting) by combining 5% Nation teachings with seriously fly production that ensured their records would still get plenty of spins on the radio and in clubs. However, for every classic Brand Nubian and Paris record there were a dozen overly preachy, poorly-produced imitators, most of which have now become the scourge of second-hand record stores.

Consequently, it was with trepidation that I approached Movement Ex’s sole self-titled long player (released in 1990 on Columbia Records) on a recent record-shopping spree. The blurry cover-art featuring the LA duo of MC Lord Mustafa Hasan and DJ King Born Khaaliq standing behind the podium in front of an empty (!) congregation did not exactly promise great things.

To my surprise however, while this album is no classic it’s also far from wack. Lyrically, Lord Mustafa Hasan drops well-articulated Afrocentric science without coming off preachy. Musically, the album is not quite so impressive. Forgettable production by Sir Randall Scott on tracks such as ‘KK Punani’ and ‘Get Up Off the Pipe’ had me zoning out from Hasan’s vocals.

When the beats are good, though, Movement Ex are capable of great things. ‘I Deal With Mathematics’ and ‘The Lord Speaks His Mind’, by far the best two songs on the record, feature buttery low-key production courtesy of Randall Scott that works perfectly with Hasan’s flow. DJ King Born Khaaliq also gets ample time to display his excellent cutting skills, which stand up amazingly well fifteen years after the record’s release.

I’m not generally an advocate of buying albums for a handful of songs, but considering you can pick this one up for the spare change you were probably about to buy a bacon sandwich with, I’m gonna make an exception here. Three pairs of panties out of five.

Movement Ex – I Deal With Mathematics


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Croatian flava Pt. 2

by Staff on July 22, 2006

Today we bring you the second part of Croatian flava. This time you’ll have a chance to hear collabos between foreign MC’s and croatian producers. Some of you already heard tracks like beautiful or something’s wrong by Masta Ace and Koolade. If in any case you slept on go to the store right away and cop Disposable Arts and A long hot summer. The reason I didn’t upload these two great tracks is because we present you only the obscure tracks and it seems like you didn’t do your homework and you can’t follow the classes… (lol just kidding, you came her to learn right?) by copping these two LP’s we’re doing you a huge favour.
Blackout ent. is a group of producers ( Koolade, Dash, Baby Dooks) lead by Phat Phillie. So far they produced or remixed for major names in the game, the list goes from Das Efx to Angie Martinez, Chamilionaire, Sean Paul and Fat Joe. I don’t really like some that tracks so I’ll just give you the dope ones. I’ll start with El da Sensei collaborations. First is Questions and Answers from Relax, Relate, Release album. Koolade produced it and here you can hear traditional Croatian insrument “Tamburica”. You’ll recognize it, they sound like the strings.

Secon track is Follow, B-side to Ace’s Beautiful. Again El and Koolade did a great job.

These tracks are all great because almost every MC’s who shined over Koolade beat was a skillful MC. The next one is sempled from Barry White “Walkin’ In the Rain With the One I Love” . I’ve heard it sampled in a few other tracks ( i think one was from family tree, but not shure) but this one has some great lyrics. It’s Survival from Masta Ace:

Since I’m talkin about Ace I might as well mention another great MC: Strick. Meber of upcoming eMC supergroup. Again Koolade on instruments. I won’t talk about Strick how great he is, I’ll leave it to him, he says it the best:
Strick – Born Wit It

Strick – Hate me too

Next one is Unspoken Heard: Truly Unique (Koolade Remix)

Now I have to get back to Europe… There were some good collaborations too.
KC da Rookkee – Hot Souls

Cronite – Remeber

I didn’t mention some other Croatian producers like Baby Dook and Dash because their production is set to rock the club. If you really want check newChamilionaire: Ridin’ rmx with Bolesna Braca. There was another interesting track by two young producers called UrbanSpirit.
Here’s a track with Showstoppa – Playin the game

If you want more info about them go to :
And check another two: Nace and Shalla: Myspace
I have some more tracks and if you liked it this far feel free to download:
Das Efx:

Czarnok – Pimp tight produced by Koolade


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It’s Friday once again, and we know what that means. Let me apologize for the lack of posts on my part this week. Computers will be my downfall, I know it. I’m going to end up throwing it out my window of my apartment and hit someone in the head three stories down below. So needless to say I’ve had problems uploading albums this week. Even my work computer has been uncooperative. Luckily for me at least one of my partners is holding it down this weekend with a lil’ international flava.

Omniscience- The Raw Factor LP


Year: 1995Label: East/West Records

1. Intro 2. Maintain 3. Greatest MC In The World 4. Who Is Down With Us 5. Lost In The Music 6. Everybody’s Got An Ego 7. Love To The Crews 8. Bumpheads 9. Touch Y’all 10. Amazin’ 11. My Main Man 12. Big Kap (Interlude) 13. Get Our Dicks Sucked 14. Act Like You Know 15. Lady’s Freestyle 16. We Do It Like This 17. Rules Of The Game 18. Stage Domination 19. Fuck The Critics (Interlude) 20. Causin’ Terror 21. Halfway

Thanks to ShareAndSshareAlike for the track listing

Today we’ll jump into one of the harder to find albums out there, at least before the mp3 boom, and even now it’s not the easiest thing to find. Before I get into this, I must thank 6MWTD for dropping gem on the cocaine blunts boards this spring.

Omni was an MC coming straight outta of North Cacalack (North Carolina for those who don’t know). Finding info on him is rather difficult, most of what I tracked down came from two sites, the legendary Vinyl Addicts (RIP) and a site that I never knew about before that had the most info about Omni that I’ve ever seen.

He first appeared on the scene sometime in the early 90′s as part of a group called Funke Leftovers with another North Carolina pioneer The Rhythm Fanatic from the early Bizzie Boys crew that also included Ski of Roc-a-Bloc fame. The duo dropped a single called “I Like Girls” in 92′. Around 93′ Omniscience ventured out as a solo artist and dropped “The Funky One Liner” EP. The EP featured four tracks, two for sure appears on this LP.

On the strength of that EP, Omniscience got signed to Elektra’s East/West Recordings, which would turn out to be the kiss of the death for Omni, among many others during this period of Elektra’s mishandling of classic underground hero’s. He would drop the underground gem of 95′ with his first single “Amazin’” (pictured up above). He would then drop a second single “Touch Y’all” which featured a remix w/ Sadat X, which Smoov from Vinyl Addicts posted up during his hayday. Shortly after the release of the second single, Elektra would do to him that they did to 8Off Agullah, Supernatural and a host of others, they shelved the album and dropped them from the label. As far as I can gather, the album was shipped as a promo to DJ’s and the such during the time and that’s probably where this came from.

Omniscience sounds like (voice wise) a mix of buckshot, canibus, and someone else I’m still trying to put my finger on. Lyrically he’s pretty nice with his. He drops lot’s of one liners (“I’m not Denny’s, I serve many brothers“) guess thats why he calls himself the “Funky One Liner”. Production wise, as far as I can tell, there were at least three people/crew’s involved in the production of the album, The Rhythm Fanatic, 3 Boyz From Newark, and Rheji Burrell and Vincent Herbert. There is some nice smooth shit and there is some funky ass shit. It’s very well produced.

This copy isn’t bad as far as sound quality. Some tracks fade out, and I’m not sure if that’s the way they are or not and their sounds like some basic freestyles here and there, so not sure what the deal is with that. None the less if you are a fan of the early/mid 90′s east coast sound, this is a MUST HAVE. Enjoy!


For more Omniscence flava check out these 3 different versions for each single all in one zip file:

+Amazin’(3 Boyz from Newark Ka-Ka Lak Mix-Clean/3 Boyz from Newark Street Mix-Clean/LP Version)+Touch y’all (LP version/Remix #1, Clean/Remix #2(feat.Sadat X)Clean)


The man came thru’ again!

Dr. Dre Roadium Mixes: Criminal

Part two of our “Two For One Friday” is a piece of west coast history. One of the legendary “Roadium Mixtapes”, the “Criminal” edition for the west coast legend, Dr. Dre.

Now I’ll be the first to admit, even though I’m from the west coast, my knowledge of these things are not all that great (I was always an east coast cat caught in the west coast area). I was hoping to have a friend of mine write the article since he has more knowledge than I do, and he still might do that when we drop a few more of these classic mixtapes. But for now, you’ll have to deal with my limited knowledge of these little beauties and what I could scrape up on . It’s thefirst track listing I’ve ever seen for these is found on that site and the BEST west coast old school mixtape site I’ve ever seen. Check it out if you are into old school westcoast shit also if you want to own this and the others, you can buy them there. Also had an excellent article that covered these mixes some time ago.

Apperently Dre sold these mixes at the Roadium swap meets, an old Drive-In theatre that hosted swap meets once it closed down. They were mixed up by Dre and sold by Steve Yano. It’s also the beginning of Eazy and Dre as a partnership. There is quite a few of them floating around, at least six copies that I’m aware, maybe more. Anyway, I’ll hopefully have a more knowledgeable source dropping the knowledge on these in the near future, so I’ll
stop acting like I know what I’m talking about and let the “tape” speak for its self.

> CRIMINAL mix begins (11 parts, 62m.):
> starts with “fuck it up, Dre!” (w/ Eazy-E LIVE doing the intro)
> Dana Dane: Cinderfella Dana Dane (Profile)
> L.L. Cool J: I’m Bad (Def Jam)
> Boogie Down Productions: Poetry (B-Boy)
> Real Roxanne: Romeo (Select)
> Public Enemy: Rebel Without A Pause (Def Jam)
> Salt ‘n’ Pepa: Tramp (Next Plateau)
> Schoolly D: P.S.K. (Schooly D)
> Ice T: Doggin’ The Wax (TechnoBeat)
> NWA: Dope Man (the entire jam!) (Macola 1034 EP track, 10/87)
> Eazy-E: Boyz-N-The-Hood (the entire jam!) (Ruthless, 7/87)
> Ice T: Six In The Morning (the entire jam!)
> Eric B & Rakim: Paid In Full (M.A.R.R.S. remix) (F.A.B.)
> Boogie Down Productions: The Bridge Is Over (B-Boy)
> Boogie Down Productions: Criminal Minded (the entire jam!) (B-Boy)
> Dana Dane: Cinderfella Dana Dane (the entire jam!) (Profile)
> Dana Dane: This Be The Def Beat (w/ Ice Cube LIVE freestylin’ over the beat) (Profile)
> Salt ‘n’ Pepa: Tramp (Next Plateau)
> Spoonie Gee: Godfather (the entire jam!) (Tuff City)
> Classical Two: Rap’s New Generation (Rooftop 1003, 3/87)
> ???: (instrumental w/ James Brown samples….what is this???)/cuts out


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Croatian flava

by Staff on July 17, 2006

Most of you don’t know where the fuck Croatia is, some of you even do, so big props to you!
In the south-east Europe there is a small country, where hip-hop culture came in the late ’94. Maybe it would came earlyer if it wasn’t for that god damn war that Serbs started. It all started through radio show hosted by two dj’s: Phat Phillie and FRX. That was basically step in the stone. Soon after that they formed a crew called Blackout, which contained B-boys, Writers, producers and normally MC’s.
I’ll cut this topic into several parts and today I’ll just give a taste how does it sound. The first LP they droped was: Young Lordz – Wake Up in the midle of ’95. It never came out as a official release, but it was still treated like it was.
Here’s a track from that LP called Hood’s anthem live. Interesting thing about this track that Target, croatian MC was rapping in english. Production is on the level but I can’t say that for his lyrics. It was his beginning so have that in mind when you listen to it.
Young Lordz – Hood’s anthem live

In the end of the track you can hear him giving shoutouts to YO clan posse ( the dopest croatian team of writers with the headmaster Lunar (, Slavin Balen who introduced Croatia with Grandmaster Flash and such, Ugly Leaders, T.B.F….

Than they realized that rapping on english isn’t the best solution so they continued rapping on Croatian. Young Lordz (Target, Real Phast and Shot) than split up. Target formed a group with General Woo called Tram 11. They made 2 great albums, from which “Čovjece ne ljuti se” lp is considered as a one of the best Croatian rap album. Koolade, Dash and FRX produced the albums. The tracks are just previews, just the first verse and the chorus.

Tram 11 – Kog je briga za vas

Tram 11 – 10 000

Tram 11 – Malu na stranu

Tram 11 – Udri brigu na veselje

After that all started going well, Shot formed a group Elemental along with Remi (female MC and singer) and Ink. They are my favorite domestic group because they sound like Common, Talib and Foreign exchange in one. It’s a shame you can’t understand them, they lyrical skillz are equal to Masta Ace’s.
Anyway here’s a preview of their work, much more soulful than tram 11.

Elemental – Dal sjecas se

Elemental – Elementalitet

Idemo lagano dalje

There’s a lot of other MC’s that helpt to build the scene. The capital city of Croatia Zagreb was and still is the strongest in rap culture, but from the begining T.B.F. , group from Split and Ugly leaders from Rijeka had their fair shares to spread the culture through whole country.
Here’s some T.B.F. sound, it’s kinda different, they experiment a lot:
T.B.F. – Genije
T.B.F. – Zivot je lijep

I forgot to mention that these lp’s didn’t came out right after the young lordz. Those groups formed and they all put their raps on the Blackout project compilation. Few years later Blackout crew had another project simply called Blackout 00 but this time they regrouped a little. My perception of Blackout is more like a family than a crew because the crew was only FRX, Stupni, Nered and El Bahattee and a family is much bigger: the crew plus Tram 11, Bolesna Braca (Sick Rhyme Sayazz), YCP crew, the B-boys, producers…
Here’s some tracks from the crew:
Prva Petorka – Da da da

Nered – Odjel za narkotike

Nered – Laske de Marco

Nered – Cuvari Doline Ft. Remi

El Bahattee – Jedna Ljubav

El Bahattee – Noc pecenih volova ’91

Feel free to leave comments and I have to apologize for bad grammar.
Next time I’ll write about Croatian producers Koolade, Dash, Baby Dooks, Urban spirit…

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Two For One Friday

by Travis on July 14, 2006

Part One- Female MC’s Of Yesteryear

Monie Love
Down To Earth (1990)

1. Monie in the Middle
2. It’s a Shame (My Sister) – Monie Love, True Image
3. Don’t Funk Wid the Mo
4. Ring My Bell – Monie Love, Ultra Naté, Ultra Naté
5. R U Single
6. Just Don’t Give a Damn
7. Dettrimentally Stable
8. Down 2 Earth
9. I Do as I Please
10. Pups Lickin Bone
11. Read Between the Lines
12. Swiney Swiney
13. Grandpa’s Party

It’s friday, so fuck it, you get two posts for the price of one. Also I’m going to be nowhere near a computer most of the weekend, going up to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and rub elbows with the rich and famous, get my drink on, and see just how many bars I can get kicked out of by the rich snobs.

My plan was to do a female MC series of OOP albums and obscure stuff after the Unreleased Gems series, well I’m starting it a bit early, just because I have an album already uploaded for it. Female MC’s probably don’t get their just due in the game, but they’ve been around since the beginning of it all, holding it down. I know a lot of guys, myself included at times, automatically blew off the female albums and the such. Now in my more open minded days, I’ve been trying to catch up to some of the stuff I missed at first and I’m sharing a few of my favorites.

Monie Love first gained recognition for appearing on Queen Latifiahs “Ladies First” single. She gained some buzz from that apperance then showing up on some Native Tongues projects, she was aimed for a solo project that garned the attention of the male world. I for one, was also caught up in the buzz. From my foggy memory, I believe she might have been the very first female artist I went out and bough (someone gave me an MC Lyte tape, but Monie was the first buy).

The album is decent. It contains some of the corny hip house stuff that was going on at the time, but it also has one of the first Beatnut beats that I can remember on “Pup Lickin Bone”. Unfortunately, there is no Native Tongue apperances, but Monie drops an enjoyable album for the most part.

Unreleased Gems Part Three

Camp Lo
Short Eyes (Japan Only Release)

4.Babys Mother
6.Blind Photography

I know I said I was going to highlite the rare Omniscience album for the next post, but since my home computer sucks balls and I’m uploading most of my stuff at work and I forgot the disk, you get something I found just this morning on my trips on the internet.

I guess technically, this isn’t “unreleased”, since it did get dropped in Japan, but for us Americans, we didn’t see shit for this release. I’ve never seen it in any of the stores here, but you can pick it up on CD Universe for 35 bucks, which, for six tracks, and me eating frozen pizza’s every other night, I think I’ll wait until I make my first million.

Camp Lo is kind of like your favorite pair of shoes that no one else likes. You’re not sure why you like them, but you just do. They have always been very unique in their style, both on and off record. This release is no different. No sure what the story behind it is, it dropped before the slept on “Let’s Do It Again” (And NO Polarity, it’s still not better than “Uptown…”) in 2002. It’s got kind of the same flavor as “Let’s Do It Again”, but I think I actually like this release better. Not sure who did the beats, but I’m guessing since it has that “Let’s..” flavor to it, that the EXTREMELY underrated Ski did them. STOP SLEEPING ON SKI!!!! Anyway, this is a must for any fan of Camp Lo.

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Unreleased Gems Part 2—Dilated Peoples

by Travis on July 13, 2006

Imagery, Battle Hymns & Political Poetry 1995 Immortal Records

Today, we drop the unreleased Dilated Peoples project from 95′ “Imagery, Battle Hymns and Political Poetry” on Immortal Records, through Sony. The project contains the two core group members, Rakaa and Evidence, but is before the time Babu from the infamous Beat Junkies joined the crew. This album also encompasses the time before Evidence really grew as a producer and from what I can tell through interviews, he didn’t do any of the production on it.
The album does have a Redman guest apperance which is cool, since Red was still pretty raw at this time. X to the Z also makes an apperance, marking one of his early performances on wax. The album isn’t the greatest by any means, but it’s worth a listen and probably a nice grab for those hardcore Dilated fans out there. The sound quality is pretty crappy and some of the songs are cut short, but from what I can gather from others out there, this is the only version floating around, so you have to make due with what it is.

I’m not going to lie and say Dilated is one of my favorite groups, because they really aren’t. They aren’t bad, but by no means my favorite. They are a mainstay in the LA underground scence and tend to have a strong fan base, but besides a few strong singles, I’ve never been that big into them.

The tracks were not numbered and I forgot to name them when I zipped it, but here is the tracks as the appear in the zip (and there might be slight errors on song titles, I scribbled down song titles at 5 in the morning while hurringly getting ready for work).

Cool City Slick
Dilated Peoples
Foward Motion
Goin’ For Broke feat Xzibit
Huh Haa! feat Redman
I ain’t The One
I Want It All
It Comes Down To This
What Are We Supposed To Do?

Next: Omniscience- The Raw Factor

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