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Unreleased Gems- Part One

by Travis on July 10, 2006

Evolution. A simple word that can mean so much. For us right now, that means change. When I first started this blog back in Oct/Nov of last year, I said I would not be putting up full albums. Well since that time the world of the hip hop blogs have evolved and changed. In order to keep up with that swirling evolution, I felt the need to evolve as well. That means WYDU will be posting up albums in the future when it sees fit. It also means I’ll be following some loosely based rules for myself. Nintey nine percent of the albums I post will be out of print stuff. My orginal and still primary goal is to school people on the obscure and rare stuff in the past history of the culture and art form. Also it will usually only be one album per post. Alright enough of the editorial stuff, let’s get back to our regulary scheduled blog…

Resident Alien- It Takes A Nation Of Suckas To Let Us In

To kick off the week and new format, I’m going to be starting a new series (the “So corny, it’s good” series is still going, and will be updated one of these days). The “Unreleased Gems” series, which I hope to run through this week. Simply put, I’m be highliting albums that never saw the light of day. There are many reasons projects don’t hit the shelves. Some were simply not good enough. Other’s were just a bit before their time. Today, I’m dropping one of my favorite producers unreleased project, Prince Paul.

After Paul’s success with De La and Stetsasonic, our good friend Russell Rush, aka Russell Simmons gave Paul his own label under the Def Jam umberella and to be distrubted by Def Jam. Well the first, and only, result for that label was Resident Alien- It Takes A Nation Of Suckas To Let Us In. Needless to say, apperently Russell wasn’t overly excited about this creation, as it never saw the light of day. As far as I know, the only things to be released from this project was “Mr. Boops” b/w “Ooooh The Dew Doo Man” & “Shakey Ground”. It was this project and his failed endevour that resulted Paul to go into a deep depression then later drop the “Pyschoanalysis” and probably had a lot to do with the Gravedigga’s them as well.

I was suprised to run into this, as I had heard of it’s exsistance, but never thought it to be true. I found it on the cocaine blunts forums (the best OOP forums on the net) so big up to whoever orginally posted it. With Paul, you never know what to expect. This is someone who has been involved with Stet, De La, Gravediggas, and made the brillant “Prince Among Thieves”, not exactly any tying link that can be observed. The album is a loosely based concept album that Paul is known for. As far as sounds go, it’s along the De La sound, something that I would think Russell and Def Jam would be excited about, although the stories and songs are a little off the wall, but what do you expect from Paul?? As far who is actually “Resident Alien”, I’m not entirely sure. You can pick out Dres and Maceo from De La on “Mr. Boops” but there are always more than one voice on the majority of the songs, so not completely sure who is who.

Unfortuantley, I never have seen a proper track listing, although you can kind of catch some of the earlier leaked stuff here and there. Also no proper art work either. Enjoy!

Next: Dilated Peoples – Imagery, Battle Hymns, Political Poetry

Also, since I didn’t finish it up this weekend as promised, WYDU Classics Vol 7 is here for your consumption. A little bit of everything, I actually pieced it together early last week during the four day weekend, so I was a little buzzed when I was making my selections, so it is what it is.

WYDU Classics Vol. 7 July 06′

1. Public Enemy – Get The F— Outta Dodge (Escapism 1991)
B-side to “Can’t Do Nuthin’ For You Man”- 1991
2. 3rd Bass- 3 Strikes 5000
appeared on “Cactus Album Revisted”- 1990
3. UMC’s- Blue Cheese
12″ dropped in 1991 also on “Fruits Of Nature” LP – 1991
4. Nine- Lyin King
12″ dropped in 1996 and was on the “Cloud Nine LP- 1996
5. Large Professor- The Mad Scientist:12″ dropped in 1996. Was supposed to be on “The LP” that Geffen never released- 1996
6. Krumbsnatcha- Closer To God – 1997
7. 3rd Eye/ The Group Home- Ease Up :On “Who’s The Man” OST – 1993
8. Digital Underground- Return Of The Crazy One :12″ dropped in 93; From the LP “The Body Hat Syndrome- 1993
9. Rodney O & Joe Cooley- Get Ready To Roll :12″ dropped in 1991; On The “Get Ready To Roll” LP- 1991
10. No Face- Half :12″ dropped in 1990; On the “Wake Your Daughter Up” LP- 1990
11. Poison Clan- 2 Low Life Mutha’s :On “2 Low Life Mutha’s” LP- 1990
12. Chino XL- No Complex :12″ dropped in 96; on the “Here To Save You All” LP- 1996
13. Rasco- The Unassistated :12″ dropped in 97; appeared on “Time Waits For No Man” LP- 1998
14. Casual- That’s How It Is:12″ dropped in 93′; LP “Fear Itself”- 1994
15. Pharcyde- Pandemonium : Apperead on the “Street Fighter” OST- 1995?
16. De La Soul- Ego Trip 3 : B-side to Ego Trippin 2 -1993
17. Wrecks N Effect- New Jack Swing : 12″ dropped in 89; S/T album- 1989
18. Young Black Teenagers- Tap The Bottle : LP “Dead End Kidz Doin’ Life Time Bids”-1993
19. Fat Boys- Crushin’: On the “Crushin’” LP – 1987

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Hip Hop, You Don't Stop

by Travis on July 5, 2006

While you are all waiting for me to get off my ass and make a legit update, I want to show some love to some newer blogs I added to the roll call. Some dudes out there doing their thing and really need to be checked out on a regular basis.

Biff’s Hip Hop Spot

One of my new favorite sites, Biff is dropping some tight/classic albums on there. I spent a good couple hours on there this weekend catching up on some albums I have been missing. Something about those Aussie cats, they know their hip hop.

Bootis Connex
More good stuff being offered up. He drops some crazy discography posts, so if you are missing any QB or DITC stuff, this is your site.


Could quite possibly be the new Vinyl Addicts. Some crazy stuff on there and I’m always fond of the obscure as Big Foot in the Bronx type stuff.

Dropping some crazy stuff as well, more full albums that are hard as fuck to find.

and as always, I have to shout out my two personal favorites, although not new

Streets On Beats

They always have creative twists on subjects and have more knowledge on Nastymix, Insane Poetry, and horrorcore hip hop than anyone I’ve seen on the net.

my boy Tommy B on Miscreant Productions

The professor in the Miami Bass genre of hip hop. But yo man, why did you drop me on your list?? Not cool…hahaha, it’s all love.

So do yourselves a favor and check out those sites. They are what I’m striving to be. More updates by this weekend though

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Food, Fun & Re-Ups

by Travis on July 3, 2006

First off, happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans out there. May your holiday weekend be filled with the three “B’s”….Beer, BBQ and Babes.

Second off, its been brought to my attention that a couple links for the WYDU Classics were down, so without further delay, here are new links. And as always, if anyone ever needs a new link to one of them, I’ll be more than happy to oblige….now excuse me while I get another beer.

Vol 4.

Vol 5.

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by Staff on June 25, 2006

I’ll start with a cat from Britain. The name is Aim and he’s a trip hop/rap producer who started as a rap dj back in the 1989. He beagn recording after meeting label head Mark Rae (Grand Central Label) at a record store. In 1999, he released his album debut, Cold Water Music. It’s difficult to explain his style, I would say dope in any case, but it’s best for you to judege it for yourselves. His tracks range from straight up hiphop (The Force with Q’N'C … the first single from the LP) to downtempo nodders – with good variation via uptempo rockers and atmospherics.
Normally, I hooked some tracks up. Enjoy.

From Here To Fame ft. YZ:

The Force ft. Q’N'C:

Ain’t Got Time To Waste ft. YZ:

Sail ft. Kate Rogers:
This one is just Kate singing, so those who don’t like soulful tracks skip this.

And for the end, Hinterland, instrumental track for a good chillin:


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WYDU classics vol. 6 the tracklist!

by Staff on June 19, 2006

01. Pep Love, Q-tip & Del – Undisputed Champions
02. A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario (Remix)
03. Audio Two – Watcha Looking At
04. Heavy D – Blue Funk
05. Dred Scott – Back in the Days
06. Dru Down – Pimp of the Year
07. D Nice – 25 Ta Life
08. King Tee – Can it be Real
09. Word O’ Mouth – Famous Last Words
10. Bushwick Bill – Ever so Clear
11. Blahzay Blahzay – Danger Pt. 2
12. Organized Konfusion – Stress
13. Brand Nubian – Lump Lump (Nubian Remix)
14. Ill Biskits – Chill Factor
15. Grand Puba – I Like It (Remix)
16. Heather B – All Glocks Down
17. Masta Ace – Music Man
18. Yaggfu Front ft. Diamond D – Slappin’ Suckas Silly (Remix)

I know you wanna know what you’re downloading so now you know.
Now ya’ll just need to download it. :)

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Sorry for the delay, busy summer schedule lately with BBQ’s & drinking, summer school, storm chasing, full-time work schedule..ect ect. Anyway if you havn’t checked the bombfirst site, we’ve decided to break WYDU up into two parts. The orginal “Old-School/Rare/OOP” version of WYDU will be moving back to this very site. Any “newer/mainstream/popular” hip hop that I feel like covering will be done on Bombfirst as a kind of “Wake Your Step-Daughter Up “.

So we are running behind schedule on the “Hugely Popular” WYDU Classics Series this month, so let’s jump right into it. A have a little something different this month. My man, Phatsoul, has mixed the songs together in a more traditional mixtape sort of way. It took him a lot of time and grief, so I must say “thanks” for the effort he put in for this volume. We would both like you to leave any feedback, good or bad, at what you think and how you would like to see future volumes.

In an effort to get this out there, I’m just going to post up the link for the June Version and update it, hopefully this weekend, in the usual way.

Hopefully everyone makes their way back to the site, because we still have plenty on the menu in the future. WYDU is alive and well. And be sure to check for all your hip hop needs and to visit our Step Daughter.

WYDU Classics Vol 6 (June 06′)

track 11 in the zip is in a different format and I don’t have the time right now to up a new version, so here is track 11 “Blahzay Blahzay- Danger Pt. 2″ in mp3 format.

Sorry, no track list right at this exact moment. I chose the tracks, Phatsoul mixed them in an order that worked with the mix and I don’ t have a copy on me at the exact moment….but you know IT HAS TO BE GOOD!

More Updates to be coming soon…including a track by track write up of Vol 6.

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Ain't A Damn Thing Changed….

by Travis on May 23, 2006

I have been getting some concerns about moving the site. You will still get everything you got here, just in a different package and address. The monthly classics, and any other reason you visted this site will be there as well… be sure you check it out. It’s going to take a me awhile to figure it all out, since I was just finally getting fairly comfortable with blogger, but we got great ideas in the near future

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Wake Your Daughter Up, has entirely moved to the servers and is now located at the following address:

We still working on the new site , so please let us know if you got some trouble with the new blog/site, the blog is also accessable via, feedback would be appreciated thanks!

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