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As a member of the DMV’s Low Budget Crew and half of the duo Critically Acclaimed, Quartermine JUST dropped his debut on Low Budget and the notably solid Re:Definition Records prior to Turkey Day. Boasting a nice production line-up of Joc Max, Kev Brown and Quartermine himself, I was pretty amped about the release of “Quarter Life Crisis”. However, I was somewhat disappointed half-way through the LP, especially after the back to back instrumentals of “Introspection” and “Q’s Lament” (which, after a handful of listens has quickly become my favorite instrumental this year), BUT it was “$oul 4 $ale” that finally brought things up to speed on this release. Followed by another banger “War of Roses” (which features a nice Jay-Z lyrical slice on the hook), which is followed by yet ANOTHER heat-rock, the album’s finale “Giving Up”. Needless to say, this album turned out to be pretty damn niiiiiice. With mastering from K-Def “Quarter Life Crisis” is definitely something to check out.

While Quartermine doesn’t really set himself apart from the pack with his lyrical abilities (kinda’ reminds me of Braille for some odd reason), he does a good enough job of not allowing the instrumentals to overtake his lyrics. More like an EP release, this outing will probably get snoozed on, but I’d definitely like to hear more from Quartermine.

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Album of The Day: Dark Time Sunshine – ANX

by Eric on December 19, 2012


“Prarie Dog Day”

Hands down the second best LP to hit the streets this year, Onry Ozborn of Grayskul and producer Zavala dropped “ANX” in mid-summer yet it took me until the week of Thanksgiving this year to uncover this masterful, well-crafted gem.  ”ANX”, which is short for anxiety, is produced unlike any other LP I’ve heard this year, Zavala deserves all the props in the world for his uniqueness and daring ventures.  Far from the average, and a beautiful display of bipolar thoughts and lyricism meshed beautifully with elements of Hip-Hop, Jazz and Electro, “ANX” seemingly gets better from the opening intro “Hosana In The Highest” (which is the only skippable material on here)

Not one to ever be an Onry “stan”, this album has me open to all his prior workings. Not only is “Dark Time Sunshine” sequenced/produced/delivered masterfully, it is quickly approaching “Album of The Year” status for me, hot on the heels of Kendrick’s latest opus. I dare you to find me a better 3 song sequence than that of “Overlordian” (f. P.O.S.), “Prairie Dog Day” and “I’ll Be Damned”. The production handled by Zavala is very daring, innovative and probably the best I’ve heard this year! Don’t sleep for so long as I did. Hit the jump to view Zavala and Onry speaking upon the making of “ANX”…..

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Melanin 9 a.k.a. “M9″ a.k.a. “M9 Ether” recently dropped his first official debut album “Magna Carta”, and while the album will probably be unfairly overlooked (you know how us U.S. headz love UK hip hop..insert sarcasm), it’s definitely right up my alley. Mind blowing by no means, yet very solid and enjoyable, with loads of replay value, “Magna Carta” is filled to the rim with quality cuts.

Tracks such as “Landslide” which is backed by a dusty drum break and a slick piano sample is pure, unfiltered Hip Hop, while cuts such as the Roc Marciano-laced “White Russian” and the somber tones of the Madame Pepper-featured “The 7 Blues” can best be described as steady but not overwhelming. However, the album’s disputable highlight arrives via “Red Snow” which utilizes the same vocal sample that made Smoothe and Trigga’s classic “My Crew Can’t Go For That” (from “The Nutty Professor” soundtrack) so damn addictive to me.

With dusty, throwback production and keen lyricism from Melanin 9, “Magna Carta” is one of the year’s better outings. While not “up there” with the likes of Dark Time Sunshine’s “ANX” or Kendrick’s cinematic CLASSIC (yes, indeed, it is..), Melanin 9 impressed the hell outta’ me with this one and I had no problem coughing up the dough for M9′s past efforts “144,000″ and “Orion’s Stencil” via his BANDCAMP page, which I intend to peep later in the week as well. Hit the jump as M9 discusses the process and birth of “Magna Carta”….


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Ill Poetic – Autonomy

by Eric on August 20, 2012

From the artist who’s responsible for one of my favorite albums of all-time with “The World Is Ours”, Ill Poetic re-emerges with the thought-provoking, insightful and thumping “Autonomy”.  With lyrical gems in abundance, the self-produced heater (with assistance from Angelica Lee on vocals) has been on repeat #ALLDAY.  Love this cat and can’t wait for the EP to drop this October!

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by Eric on August 20, 2012

The A-side of the next installment in Mello Music Group’s 7” Series comes from Diamond District/1978er producer/emcee yU. The gruff DMV MC is known for philosophical street rap but “Dreams” takes a different route – the result a hauntingly beautiful track likely to end up on repeat.

Enlisting Danedra Rowell on vocals, yU eschews the new age boom-bap that got him noticed for something closer to all of our heartstrings. Featuring no rapped bars, “Dreams” is a bittersweet ballad that is less literal than emotive. It captures that late-night, pensive feeling us music heads are very familiar with. yU is able to craft a sound that is universal and hyper-local, breaking new ground for himself musically. The drums sound like they could be on any Diamond District-related project but the melody and chords don’t sound too far from something that could find its way onto radio.

Peeling back yet another layer of sound from his extensive pallet, yU is proving his versatility as a musician. “Dreams” along with the b-side “Prior Days” officially comes out on limited edition (300 copies only) vinyl 7” this Tuesday – though it is shipping early from MMG now!

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This mixtape explores early meanings of the term ‘freestyle’ & offers a live mix of some of OUR favorite 90′s ‘freestyle’ verses. Some of the stuff you may not have heard before as we dug mostly on vinyl, cassette tapes & CDs. The tracklist/artwork below will give you a glimpse of what to expect.  A 35-tracks version & a single track version (better for stream) are available for FREE download at FreeOfStyle.Com (powered by Bandcamp).


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The Wreck 7-5 & 7-12

by Travis on July 17, 2012

Little late on last week’s show, so you get two for the price of one today. The July 5th show, you get a non Trav G version as I was out of town. We did have Henry from New School Intelligence in the house talking about the big MASSV music festival that was this past weekend in Sun Valley, ID.

The July 12th show has Jason spinning a ton of new music and then the two of us discussing various topics. For my “Pick of the Week”, we have a WORLD-WORLD-WORLD Premier from Mike Beatz & Adonis featuring Guilty Simpson, Sean Price and Killah Trakz, “I Love You”.

I promise, more posts to come.


The Wreck – July 5th (MIXCLOUD LINK)

1. DJ Jason D – The Wreck Intro
2. The Jerky Boys – Firecracker Mishap
3. Gran Parks – Focused feat Craig G & REKS
4. Evitan (Dres & Jarobi) – The 3 Kings feat Sadat X
5. J57 – They Never Come Close feat Theory Hazit
6. J Dilla – Ride With It feat Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz
7. Jefferson Price – Insight feat J57, Truth, Soul Khan, & Koncept
8. Showbiz – The Club (INST)
9. Wordsworth – Vendetta feat Torae, Tzarizm, & DV Alias Khryst
10. Showbiz & A.G. – I Just Go Along
11. Pete Marriott – Plant The Flag feat Killah Trakz
12. Oh No – Whoop Ass feat Sticky Fingers
13. DJ Houseshoes – Last Breath feat Nottz, Oh No, & MED
14. Illus – Forever feat Apathy
15. Khrysis – All Black (INST)
16. Phashara – Talkers
17. Nefew & Shakes – Change The World prod Nottz
18. Wordsworth – Vanish feat Masta Ace & Punchline
19. DJ Lord Ron & Wildelux – Mirage
20. Aarophat – Panic prod Lex Boogie
21. DJ Premier – We Are At War (INST)
22. Blackalicious – Swan Lake
23. Blackalicious – Lyric Fathom
24. Blackalicious – Alphabet Aerobics
25. Gift Of Gab – NLP
26. Soul Khan – Not Like That (INST)
27. Brother Ali – Room With A View
28. Brother Ali – Shadows On The Sun
29. Brother Ali – The Freshest Kids feat Toki Wright & Evidence
30. Brother Ali – Stop The Press
31. Koolade – Gonna Fly Now (INST)
32. Nas – Accident Murders feat Rick Ross
33. Shinobi Stalin x Roc Marciano – Granite
34. The Alchemist – Flight Confirmation feat Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q
35. Batsauce – Exclusive Wreck Show Instrumental Beat 05 (INST)


The Wreck – July 12th (MIXCLOUD LINK)

1. DJ Jason D – The Wreck Intro
2. Nas – Loco Motive
3. Showbiz & AG – Do It 4
4. Large Professor – Kick Da Habit
5. Union – Wings (remix) feat. Audible Doctor & Elzhi
6. Large Professor – Focused Up (Feat. Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi)
7. Large Professor – Sun, Star & Crescents (Inst)
8. King Magnetic – WTF Happened? (GQ Nothin’ Pretty & DJ Revolution)
9. Parallel – California Mindstate
10. Big Shug – Hardbody (Feat. Fat Joe & M.O.P)
11. Wyld Bunch – It Ain’t Easy Being Me
12. Fokis & RP – Big Business (Feat. Brand Nubian
13. Handbook – Setting The Trap (Inst)
14. Above One – Priceless
15. JR & PH7 – Fallin’ For You (Feat. The Regiment)
16. Casual & J Rawls – Give Respect
17. Mic Handz – All I Know (Feat. Rockness Monstah & DJ Modesty
18. Large Professor – Mack Don Illz feat Mic Geromino & Grand Daddy I.U.
19. The Alchemist – Apollo’s Last Stand (Feat. Ag The Coroner)
20. The Audible Doctor – Your Bad (INST)
21. Mic Beatz & Adonis – I Love You (Feat. Guilty Simpson, Sean Price & Killah Trackz)
22. Brass Knuckle Bullies – The Statement
23. Brass Knuckle Bullies – Fingerprints (feat. Othello)
24. Khrysis – OKMD (Feat. Oh No)
25. Fearce & Beanone – G-Life
26. Brother Ali – Stop The Press
27. Gift of Gab – NLP
28. Gangrene – Flame Throwers (Inst)
29. Pete Marriott – The Kidnapping (feat Romance)
30. Curly Castro – Starch (feat. BoogieMan Dela & Has-Lo)
31. Awar – Tunnel Vision
32. Large Professor – Light Years
33. Batsauce – The Wreck Exclusive Instrumental aka Beat 05

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The Wreck 6-28-12

by Travis on July 3, 2012

Last week’s The Wreck featured long time producer Pete Marriott in studio chopping it up with us about his past, hip hop’s past and his latest musical endeavors, including “The Kidnapping” (purchase here), which is a dope ass story rhyme that you don’t see much anymore and it’s hard to believe this was recorded in the late 80′s. We also played “Plant The Flag” from Pete and emcee Killah Trakz, who is pretty fuckin’ dope as well. My pick of the week was Curly Castro, Has-Lo, and BoogieMan Dela’s “Starch”, which sticks to that same dope story telling steez and you can download for free on Curly’s bandcamp page. Other than that, you have DJ Jason D cutting shit up and me doing what I do best, pretty much nothing….ch-ch-ch-check it out…..

The Wreck 6-28-12

1. DJ Jason D – The Wreck Intro
2. J Dilla – Detroit Madness (feat. Phat Kat)
3. Phashara – Pathways
4. Aarophat – Touching You
5. Nefew & Shakes – Last Days
6. Iron King – Love At The World feat Termanology
7. Meyhem Lauren – Peruvian Desserts feat Roc Marciano & Action Bronson
8. Batsauce – The Wreck Exclusive Instrumental aka Beat 02A
9. The Alchemist – Flight Confirmation (feat Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q)
10. Fearce One & Beanone – Heart Breaker
11. Showbiz & A.G. – Berri Love Feat. O.C.
12. Global Platoon – Showtime
13. Strong Arm Steady – One Mistake feat Washay Choir
14. Shinobi Stalin – Granite feat. Roc Marciano
15. Batsauce – The Wreck Exclusive Instrumental aka Beat 05
16. Pete Marriott – The Champ Is Here (Pete’s Golden Age Remix)
17. Soul Khan – Not Like That feat Akie Bermiss (INST)
18. DVS Jackson Esq – Follow Me (Pete Marriott Remix)
19. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – wEaRe aT WaR (Instrumental)”
20. Pete Marriott – Plant the Flag (Feat. Killah Trackz)
21. Khrysis – All Black (Inst)
22. Pete Marriott – The Kidnapping feat Romance
23. Showbiz – The Cloth (Inst)
24. Curly Castro – Starch (feat. BoogieMan Dela & Has-Lo)
25. SciFi Stu – Patience (Feat. D-Strong & Aarophat)
26. Oddisee – Ready To Rock
27. I Self Devine – Seconds
28. DJ House Shoes – Dirt feat. Greenberg
29. MadKem – I Can Tell
30. Customary – George Benson Beat (Inst)
31. Awar – Tunnel Vision prod The Alchemist


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