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The Wreck 6-21-12

by Travis on June 26, 2012

DJ Jason D and myself are back at it again with another show, which airs on 89.9 KBRX in Boise at 8pm MST, also streaming on at the same time. Plenty of new music, and a local emcee pushing Hip Hop Roots in the Boise area.

I’m getting the writing bug, so expect something this week. Thanks for those who have stuck with us. As many of you know, I’ve been blogging since 2005, and Eric not too much after that, but families, jobs and just life take over shit.

The Wreck – June 21, 2012 (LINK)

1. DJ Jason D – The Wreck Intro
2. The Alchemist – Flight Confirmation (feat Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q)
3. Oddisee – Ready To Rock
4. Naughty By Nature – Respect
5. DJ House Shoes – Dirt feat. Greenberg
6. Sean-Toure’ – My Turn (feat. Minus Nine)
7. Customary – George Benson Beat (Inst)
8. Aarophat – Get You There
9. Roc Marciano – Do the Honors (feat. Dino Brave & Lost Occupant)
10. Rosco P Coldchain – I Got It In Cuz (Radio)
11. Apollo Brown & OC – Disclaimer
12. Showbiz & A.G. – That N*gga Crazy
13. Batsauce – The Wreck Exclusive Instrumental aka Beat 02A
14. N.O.R.E. – Thiz Iz Hip Hop
15. Nottz – Turn It Up (feat. Pete Rock)
16. J57 – Elite Status feat Rasheed Chappell
17. Wordsworth – 911 (feat Torae)
18. Soul Khan – Not Like That feat Akie Bermiss (INST)
19. Evitan (Dres & Jarobi) – 3 Kings (feat. Sadat X)
20. Tenacity & J57 – I Don’t Get Them (feat Gameboi)
21. Aarophat – Megalopolis (feat. D-Strong & Methuzulah)
22. Amiri – From The Soul (Throwback Remix) (feat Bootie Brown)
23. Showbiz – The Cloth (Inst)
24. Writechess – Freestyle
25. Global Platoon – Show Time
26. DJ Lord Ron & Wildelux – Mirage
27. Wordsworth – Vanish (feat Masta Ace & Punchline)
28. Phashara (of Beatmonstas) – Codes (Feat Sadat X & DJ 3rd Rail)
29. P-Dirt – Original
30. Def Dee – Suit Up (Inst)
31. SciFi Stu – Patience (Feat. D-Strong & Aarophat)
32. Gangrene – Walk Hard
33. I Self Devine – Exist to Remain




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The Wreck 6-14

by Travis on June 20, 2012


Well, well, it looks like we aren’t quite dead yet. Yes, it’s been too long and way too quiet around here lately. Eric is busy, and I’m certainly busy as well, but I doubt I’ll ever completely stop dropping some posts every now and then. So what have I been up to? Well I’ve been doing a weekly radio show out in the hip hop mecca of Boise, Idaho, called “The Wreck”. It’s on 89.9FM, Thursday’s at 8pm MST. You can listen to it streaming at as well. Or you can just catch it on when my man DJ Jason D posts it up. We play all the latest underground hip hop and Jason D does all the mixing live in the studio.

How did I get on a hip hop radio show? Well DJ Jason D was doing the show on the solo tip for about seven months, when yours truly heard him on the airwaves and hit him up on facebook. Now some of you from the Bay Area might remember Jason D, who did a radio show with Kutmasta Kurt, in the early/mid nineties as well as some other shows around there. Dude is the truth. Anyway, he invited me the show to speak about blogs and my partaking in them for the past six (or is it seven now, who knows?) years. After the show he mentioned he needed an engineer for the show, that since he mixed lived on the air, it was just too much shit to do. Always wanting to be involved in a hip hop radio show, I jumped at the chance. That was in February, and it’s been fun every week.

The Wreck, June 14th 2012 (LINK)

1. DJ Jason D – The Wreck Intro
2. Amiri – The Pro’s
3. Wordsworth – 911 (feat Torae)
4. Sadat X – I Know This Game
5. J Dilla – Ride With It (feat Almighty Dreadnaught)
6. Stryfe & Illingsworth – Shells
7. I Self Devine – Hold On
8. Handbook – Setting The Trap (Inst)
9. Juan Deuce – Freeze
10. Oddisee – Do It All
11. Fearce One & Beanone – Heart Breaker
12. Apollo Brown & OC – The First
13. Showbiz & A.G. – Celebrate
14. Batsauce – The Wreck Exclusive Instrumental aka Beat 05
15. Aarophat – Panic
16. DJ Lord Ron & Wildelux – Mirage
17. Wordsworth – Vanish (feat Masta Ace & Punchline)
18. Phashara (of Beatmonstas) – Codes (Feat Sadat X & DJ 3rd Rail)
19. Killer Mike – Don’t Die
20. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – wEaRe aT WaR (Inst)
21. Nottz – Turn It Up (feat. Pete Rock)
22. Wyld Bunch – Til The Early (feat Howard Lloyd & Jerval Poet)
23. K-Def – Back To Basics (Feat El Da Sensei)
24. J57 – Elite Status feat Rasheed Chappell
25. Oh No – 3 Dollars (feat MF Doom)
26. SciFi Stu – Can’t Leave (Feat. Ill Poetix)
27. Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca – Monty Hall Expo
28. Dedicated Servers – Nighttime (Inst)
29. P-Dirt – Ghost Writer
30. Canibus – Get Retarded
31. Pyscho Realm – Transition
32. Dukes Go Up – Over the Edge (feat. Koncept & Soul Khan)
33. House Shoes – Time (feat. Big Tone)
34. Illus – Forever (feat. Apathy)
35. Batsauce – The Wreck Exclusive Instrumental aka Beat 02A
36. SciFi Stu – Patience (Feat. D-Strong & Aarophat)
37. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – OwNiT

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Simply put…real talk…this new one from DJ Soko, “Stand Up” which features production from the always steady Apollo Brown and furious lyricism from one of the most slept-on emcees EVER, Hassaan Mackey and Guilty Simpson, is undoubtedly my favorite track to drop in 2012. This jawn stayed on repeat for 23(!) consecutive listens while at the gym yesterday. Isn’t it amazing what a simple M.O.P. vocal slice can do to “amp up” any track!?

DJ Soko and Apollo Brown, two thirds of acclaimed group The Left, command you to “Stand Up.” For this brazen order, Soko enlists Brown on the boards and the incomparable mic skills of Guilty Simpson and Hassaan Mackey.

The 4th installment in Mello Music Group’s monthly 7” series finds Apollo finessing a triumphant horn loop that would make Pete Rock proud, while Soko adds personality to the beat via a scratch chorus made up of declaratives from past classics by Pharoahe Monch and M.O.P.. Motor City rhyme animal Guilty Simpson stomps into the track, providing a sixteen bar reminder why he’s one of the fiercest on the mic today. Low Budget’s Hassaan Mackey takes the baton from Guilt, inviting you to take his lines “like a razor to the throat.” Two raw MC’s going for theirs over an equally unprocessed beat; there is little gloss present here, this is meat-and-potatoes rap for hungry heads.

Another brick in the foundation of the growing Mello Music Group legacy, “Stand Up” showcases the expert handle on the fundamentals of hip-hop that the MMG squad holds.


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“Trophies” (Released April 24, Mello Music Group”

Quickly becoming one of the more “in demand” producers in Hip Hop, Detroit’s Apollo Brown pulled off the amazing (damn, it was hard keeping a secret for nearly 15 months! LOL) and linked up with one of my Top 5 emcees of all time, D.I.T.C. affiliate, Omar Credle a.k.a. OC to create a masterpiece with the recently released “Trophies” (Mello Music Group).  Already offering “teasers” with the likes of “Prestige Of A King”, from the Mello Music Group compilation “Self Sacrifice”, and the first leak from “Trophies”, “Prove Me Wrong”, the duo easily crafted two of the best singles released this year even prior to the release of the long-awaited “Trophies”.

The aforementioned gems unveiled an instant chemistry that is a match made in heaven.  In the spirit of Guru and Preem, Pete & CL and as you’ll later read in this review, Dre & The D.O.C., Apollo and OC go for dolo on “Trophies” with zero guest appearances and rightfully so.  OC’s undaunted lyricism is timeless and similar to the performance on his debut “Word..Life” and his sophomore outing, “Jewelz”.  With “Trophies”, O.C.  finally has the production backing needed to match his hefty wordplay.  With vivid tales and depictions  of everything from weed (“Anotha One”), hoes (“Caught Up”), lyrical storms (“Nautica”) and a homage to one of Hip-Hop’s forgotten emcees, The D.O.C. (“The Formula”), O.C. gets my immediate vote for, not only “comeback” artists of the year, but “emcee of the year”…period!  While there’s plenty of time left in 2012, it’s extremely hard to fathom anyone topping O.C.’s confident, almost rejuvenated showing on this LP.  I mean, really, dude sounds the same as he did in ’94.  It’s really quite awe-inspiring, actually.

On the production tip, Apollo Brown continues his recent string of dope output, with deft, airy soundscapes  that are not only “hard” but extremely well thought out and cleverly constructed.  Some of Apollo’s production highlights arrive via the crispy “Nautica”, the wailing “Angels Sing” and the all-too-brief, finale from “Trophies”, “Fantastic” (those strings!! Damn!!)

Again, while we’re almost half way through 2012, it may be too early to crown “Trophies” (no pun intended) with “Album of The Year” status, it’s almost a certainty that when all the dust settles this year, “Trophies” will find itself on top of the pile peering downward at a the competition.

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Oh No f. Sticky Fingaz – Whoop Ass

by Eric on May 1, 2012

Following two successful collaborative efforts alongside fellow producer/rapper The Alchemist as the power duo Gangrene -2010’s Gutter Water and 2012’s Vodka & Ayahuasca- and the 2011 gem with The Alchemist as Gangrene & Roc Marciano, the Greneberg EP; The Oxnard, California based beat-smith and emcee Oh No returns for a solo mission.

Oh No (born Michael Jackson; younger brother of Madlib and son of singer Otis Jackson) was granted unprecedented access to the Rudy Ray Moore / Dolemite audio archives and given free rein to slice, dice, chop and sample his way through the classic-yet-absolutely-filthy catalog. He was able to use legendary material from The Human Tornado, Petey Wheatstraw, the Dolemite Soundtrack and more, plus a multitude of previously unreleased and alternate acapellas and instrumentals. The end result is Ohnomite (available on 6-5-2012), a 19 track head-banging extravaganza of sloppy funk, dirty soul, and brainy lyricism, all aimed at one thing- making your head nod and your ass shake. And when you add to that guests spots from the likes of MF Doom, Evidence, Phife Dawg, The Alchemist, Erick Sermon, Rapper Pooh, MED, Guilty Simpson, Roc Marciano, Sticky Fingaz, Chino XL, Roc C, Prozack Turner, Termanology, Frank Nitt and more, and you are left with a one of a kind album from a one of a kind musician. Ohnomite- 19 songs of pure whoop ass from Oh No and Dolemite!

Speaking of “Whoop Ass,” here is the first leak from Oh No’s Ohnomite LP f/Sticky Fingaz HERE

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OC & Apollo Brown – Just Walk

by Eric on May 1, 2012

The Golden Era meets the Now with the release of Apollo Brown and OC’s collaborative album Trophies on Mello Music Group.Apollo Brown has spent the last few years gaining respect and accolades for his production and OC is a revered veteran from the legendary DITC.
Trophies is now available:

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